Pierre is a city in and is also the county seat of Hughes County, South Dakota. It is also the capital of the state. Home to over 13,600 residents, Pierre is the second-smallest state capital in the U.S. by population, after only Montpelier. The city anchors what is known as the Pierre Micropolitan Statistical Area; a small regional hub for shopping, healthcare, education and employment, the Pierre micropolitan area spans two counties, Hughes and Stanley, and is home to over 19,200 residents – making it one of the smallest micropolitan areas in the country, in addition to being one of the smallest state capitals.

Pierre was founded in 1880 as little more than a trading post and settlement during the U.S. expansion westward. However, it’s geographic location, which put it in the center of the state when the boundaries were drawn as part of admission to the Union in 1889, made it an ideal area for the state capital. While earning the position as state capital brought initial growth, most of Pierre is still given over to agricultural endeavors, and this makes it less popular of an area for people to move to, particularly now that the modern era has made farming less-than-enticing for the youth of today.

This can make it more difficult to ship a vehicle to or from Pierre since it’s not that popular of a location for either customers or carriers, and the weather doesn’t help either. During the summer months, when there are plenty of carriers on the road, is usually when demand to and from Pierre will be at its highest, but that still doesn’t mean it’s going to be a popular route. Come winter, the snow and ice start coming down; maybe not as bad as in North Dakota, perhaps, but still bad enough to make it a hazard to drive through the area during the winter.

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