Pawtucket is a city located just north of Providence, Rhode Island, within Providence County. The fourth-largest city in the state, Pawtucket is home to a population of over 71,000 residents and is located within the greater Providence, Rhode Island Metropolitan Statistical Area, which in turn is home to over a million residents. Pawtucket sits as an extreme bedroom city of Providence, and a good portion of its economy is based on retail. Pawtucket also sits right along Interstate 95, which is important as I-95 is the main north-south corridor through Rhode Island. This helps to keep prices into and out of Pawtucket lower, though Providence may be a cheaper alternative if you are shipping into the area from the south – or shipping south out of the area.

Pawtucket was first founded in 1671 and was primarily an agricultural community prior to the start of the American Industrial Revolution during the 18th century. During the late 1700’s Pawtucket emerged as a major textile area, and was the home of the first Slater Mill – the first all-mechanical textile mill. This led to an explosion in manufacturing, and even today manufacturing plays a large role in the city’s economy and overall health.

During the summer months, average highs in Pawtucket tend to reach into the low-to-mid 80’s, while overnight lows usually drop into the upper 50’s and lower 60’s. During the winter months is when the weather starts playing a factor in your auto transportation service and your price, as daily highs only reach into the upper 30’s while overnight lows often drop into the low-to-mid 20’s. This also brings snow, about eight inches or so per month on average, so you’ll want to discuss your options with a car transport representative if you’re shipping during the winter months.

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