Montpelier is a city located in the U.S. state of Vermont and is also the state capital and the shire town (or county seat) of Washington County. Home to just 7,800 residents, Montpelier is the smallest U.S. state capital by population despite being first settled as far back as 1787. Montpelier is widely regarded as one of the less popular shipping areas in Vermont, namely due to its size, though not for lack of access thanks to several major state routes that run into and around Montpelier.

The city of Montpelier was named as the capital of the state of Vermont in 1805, but it wasn’t actually incorporated as anything at the time; the city’s first incorporation was as a village in 1818, after it was named as the state capital of Vermont. Reincorporated in 1895 as a city, Montpelier was once a major industrial area in the state, thanks to the power of the Winooski Falls, though by the mid-19th century government and insurance had become staples of the city’s economy, and today the city’s economy has worked hard to diversify despite the small population.

During the summer months Montpelier is fairly pleasant, with average highs in the upper 70’s and overnight lows dropping down into the low-to-mid 50’s. During the winter, however, is when the snow comes, over 20 inches per month on average between December and March, and average daily highs barely getting above freezing and lows often falling into single digits, with record lows in the negative 30’s. That’s cold. It’s also a big reason why Vermont is harder to ship into and out of during the winter months and why car shippers don’t want to run routes through New England in the winter.

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