Lakewood is a city in the state of Colorado, located in Jefferson County, of which it is the largest city by population. Lakewood actually stands as the fifth-largest city in the state of Colorado by population, currently home to almost 143,000. Though founded in the late 19th century, Lakewood never truly formed a downtown core; while commercial establishments were indeed located in the town, it never got that claustrophobic feel, and the city has worked on making up for the lack of a central business district by building several different shopping centers in the area. However, Lakewood is a prominent suburb of Denver, located just southeast of the city; this has helped the city make up for the lack of a major downtown district, as it can basically use Denver’s to appeal to all the shoppers in the city. Of course, the shopping districts of Lakewood help keep the economy going, and plans are to add more shopping and other commercial space, including more office buildings and complexes, to help attract new business to the area.

Founded in 1889, Lakewood remained an unincorporated community of Denver until the late 1960s’, after the city’s post-war population boom was in full swing. The city was built primarily through suburban development; without a central downtown district, the city took on a more suburban look, particularly during the 1950’s. This was when the population of Lakewood began to take off, and today it is the fifth-largest city in Colorado and a prominent bedroom community of Denver. Lakewood never had any form of municipal government until its incorporation; before then, it relied on several different water districts, fire districts, and policing by Jefferson County in order to meet the demands of the public. After the 1969 incorporation, Lakewood became a home rule municipality, and has remained as such to this day.

During the summer months, temperatures can get as high as the mid-80’s, particularly during July, the hottest month on average. Overnight lows in the summer often drop down into the upper 40’s and lower 50’s, and during the winter months average highs reach into the mid-40’s during the day, with overnight lows dropping down into the mid-teens. Snow is a particular problem during the winter months, and can make it more difficult for carriers to get into or out of Lakewood, and really the entire Denver metro area. Talk to your representative if you’re shipping during the winter seasons to see if there are things you can do to prep your vehicle or help keep costs and/or pickup windows lower.

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80214, 80215, 80225, 80226, 80227, 80228, 80232, 80235,