Ketchikan is the most southeastern city in the state of Alaska, and the fifth-largest by population, which sits at over 8,000. Ketchikan is also the borough seat of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, also known as the Greater Ketchikan Area, and has a population of over 13,000. Ketchikan has historically been based on fishing and fishing-related enterprises, and today tourism is one of the major economic outputs of the city due to its incredible views and beautiful landscapes. Located in the Alaskan Panhandle, this isn’t surprising; Ketchikan is a stop on several major cruise lines that offer trips up to Alaska. Located on an island, it can be difficult to transport vehicles to and from the area, as it is not readily accessible via any overland roads. When shipping to or from Ketchikan, your vehicle will likely be shipped to Anchorage, where it would then be ferried down to the smaller city in the panhandle.

Founded in 1883, Ketchikan remained small, with only a few people running businesses in the area, notably a salmon saltery and fish cannery. This actually caused the area’s population to boom, and by 1900 it had surged to over 800, which warranted incorporation as a town. Ketchikan continued to grow on the back of commercial trading and mining, as well as timber production – with abundant natural resources, it was not surprising to see the town turn into a major natural resource exporter. Though mining has all but disappeared from the area, Ketchikan is still a large exporter of timber, and is also a major commercial fishing area, particularly for salmon. In fact, it is known as the “Salmon Capital of the World.” Government services are also found in Ketchikan, which has also helped to spur the economy.

Ketchikan’s climate is likened to that of Scotland and northern Ireland, albeit with a lot more rainfall. Its location in the Alaskan Panhandle, and the fact that it sits on the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean, helps to moderate its climate greatly; during the summer months, average daily highs only reach into the mid-60’s, while overnight summer lows drop into the high-40’s and low-50’s. During the winter months, average daily highs peak in the low 40’s, while lows drop into the low 30’s. This moderate climate is uncharacteristic of its longitudinal location, though it is interesting that Tallahassee, Florida – an area known for its high temperatures even during winter months – has had a lower record low temperature than Ketchikan. The city averages about 10 inches of snow over the winter months, far lower than many other Alaskan cities.

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