Fairbanks is the third-largest city in the state of Alaska and sits as the borough seat of Fairbanks North Star Borough (boroughs are equivalent to counties in Alaska). Home to over 32,000 in the city proper and 97,000 in the larger Fairbanks metropolitan area, which encompasses all of North Star Borough, Fairbanks is the largest interior region city in Alaska, as it does not sit along a coastline, and also anchors the northernmost metropolitan area in the United States. Fairbanks is the home of the University of Alaska – Fairbanks, the oldest university in the state of Alaska, first established in 1917.

Fairbanks was founded in 1901 as a minor trading post along the Valdez-Eagle trail to Tanacross, though the events leading to its establishment were basically an accident, as the steamboat carrying the town’s first inhabitants along the Tanana River ran aground navigating shallow waters. Stranded, the people on the boat decided to setup a trading post, and the area quickly grew into a minor (and then a prominent) agricultural community that would end up being one of the largest and most important in all of Alaska. During the late 1930’s the Army Air Corps (later the U.S. Air Force) established Ladd Army Airfield, which sparked a population boom, which then led to an economic boom, and the military maintains a strong presence in Fairbanks to this day.

Fairbanks is incredibly cold year-round. During the summer months, temperatures barely reach the 70’s during the day, with average highs in the summer season just eclipsing 70 degrees Fahrenheit; overnight lows drop into the high 40’s and low 50’s. During the winter months, snow is common, with average highs reach no more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit – the average daily high in January is all of 1 degree. Overnight lows often drop to negative temperatures, with the average overnight low being just -14 degrees. Fairbanks is one of the coldest cities in the United States, though there are areas in Alaska that can claim colder temperatures.

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