Essex is a town located in Chittenden County, Vermont. Home to a population of just under 20,000, Essex is the largest town, and second-largest municipality, after Burlington, the largest city in the state. Formed in the late 18th century, Essex is one part of two separate municipalities, the other being the Village of Essex Junction, which was formed within the Town of Essex in 1892. The two areas have existed co-dependently for over 120 years, though in 1958 the first hints of a merger began to surface. Put to a vote in 2005, the merger was initially successful, then overturned in a 2006 revote; if the two municipalities do merge, the town will likely be called the Town of Essex Junction.

Essex was founded in 1763 and named after the Earl of Essex. At the time, it was simply one large town, spread out over miles, given over primarily to rural agricultural pockets as opposed to a cohesive town. Over a century later, a small downtown core was established, and a separate village – the Village of Essex – was incorporated to provide new amenities to the residents of the more urban area of Essex that the rural residents did not necessarily wish to pay for. This has led to a confusing local governance in the area, and though a merger of the two was first proposed in 1958, it has failed in either one or the other area every time.

As a city in Vermont, it is not surprising that Essex sees relatively cool summers on the whole in addition to cold, snowy winters. Average summer highs only reach into the low-to-mid 80’s with overnight lows usually dropping down into the upper 50’s and lower 60’s. Winter is when auto transport services can be affected most often, with average daily highs in the upper 20’s and overnight lows often dropping down into the low teens. Snow and ice are common, and can cause headaches for carriers and delays for customers, so speak to a customer service agent for more information about transportation services to or from Essex during the winter months.

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