Erie is a town located on the shores of the Erie River in northern Pennsylvania and is the county seat of Erie County. It\’s one of Pennsylvania\’s main industrial centers and is the fourth largest city (after Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Allentown) in the state of Pennsylvania, with an estimated population of 104,000. Erie\’s focus throughout the years has been on heavy manufacturing; however, things have shifted and now Erie is focusing more on tourism and service-based jobs.

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The city was originally claimed by Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania; however, both Ohio and New York ceded their claim to the federal government, which in turn sold it to the state of Pennsylvania. Because of its location on the Lake Erie, it quickly turned into a manufacturing powerhouse, and with the completion of the Erie Canal helped the country to grow even faster during the 19th and into the early 20th centuries. Today, however, much of the manufacturing has shut down for lighter, plastics-based milling, and more service jobs are becoming common in the city.

Summers in the city, like much of the rest of the state, are hot and muggy, while winters typically are cold and blustery. Average highs in the summer peak at around 85 degrees, while lows can drop to the low-to-mid 60\’s. During the winter months things cool down considerably, with average highs topping out around 40 degrees and lows frequently below freezing.

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