Colchester is a town located in Chittenden County, Vermont, home to a population of over 17,000 residents. It is the second-largest town and the fourth-largest municipality in Chittenden County as well as Vermont as a whole. Located just north of Burlington, the largest city in the state, as well as Essex and South Burlington, the second and third-largest municipalities in the state, respectively, Colchester is one of the most popular auto transport locations within the state of Vermont – not that that’s saying a lot, considering its size as well as the state of Vermont’s.

Colchester was first formed in 1763, before even Burlington though its many forests made it a very rural and rugged area at the start. After Burlington was founded and South Burlington created during the late 18th century, Colchester saw its first real population growth, if it was only slight. Over time, it continued to grow along with the other cities surrounding it, with Burlington attracting new residents who invariably wound up in Colchester. A part of the city, Winooski, which sits just south of Colchester between it and Burlington, on the northern banks of the Winooski River, broke off in 1922 and formed its own independent city, taking many of the urban residents of Colchester with it.

During the summer months Colchester experiences much the same weather as Burlington, Essex and South Burlington, with daily highs in the low 80’s during the summer and lows often dropping into the high 50’s and low 60’s. Like Burlington, Essex and South Burlington, Colchester also sees plenty of snowfall during the winter, if not more with it being located north of the other major cities in the state. Snow can cause problems for auto transport companies trying to get into and out of the Burlington, VT Metropolitan Area, which Colchester sits within, and can result in higher prices for customers as well as longer pickup windows, delivery windows and even transit time if the weather is severe enough.

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