Aurora is the second-largest city in the state of Illinois, by population, after Chicago. Home to almost 200,000 residents and spanning three counties, Aurora is a part of the Greater Chicago metro area and sits roughly 20 miles or so west of Chicago proper. Aurora adopted the motto “City of Lights” after becoming the first city in the United States, back in 1881, to have a fully-electric street light system in place. Aurora today is known for its architecture; buildings in Aurora include some designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Bruce Goff and George Grand Elmslie are still standing. In addition to that, Aurora has a high collection of Sears Catalog Homes – during the early 20th century, Sears, Roebuck & Co. sold “kit homes” – literally, homes that you bought through the mail and assembled yourself – to families throughout the U.S., and many of the residents in Aurora and other Illinois cities such as Elgin took to building their own homes thanks to the mail-order system in place at the time, and today there are even tours of original Sears catalog homes in Aurora you can take.

Aurora was first settled in the mid-1830’s, after the end of the Black Hawk War, and was originally two different settlements. The name “Aurora” was settled on in 1857, and over the years the settlement grew into a town, with the rise of manufacturing thanks to the nearby Fox River (in fact, many public buildings constructed during the 1850’s and 60’s were done so on an island in the river). In 1856 the railroad came to the area, with the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad setting up offices in the town. The railroad would be the largest employer in Aurora until the 1960’s, when the railroad shops closed and manufacturing began to decline. Like many northern cities, Aurora was a victim of deindustrialization, though today the city’s economy has all but recovered and today is supported heavily by retail shops.

During the summer months, average daily highs in the city only reach into the low-to-mid 80’s, with temperatures tempered somewhat by the nearby Fox River. In the summer, overnight lows tend to drop into the upper 50’s and low 60’s, with only light rain and no snow. During the winter months, however, is when carriers have a harder time getting into and out of Aurora. Daily highs in the winter only reach into the low 30’s, while overnight lows drop down into the low teens, and negative temperatures have also been recorded. In addition to the cold weather, snowfall averages about 10 inches per month during the winter, which can raise prices and lower availability for auto shipping services.

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Aurora Zip Codes Include:

60505, 60506, 60507, 60568