Auction Car Shipping Companies: Services They Offer

When you’re searching for auction car shipping companies, chances are that you just bought a car from a major online auction house and now you need car shipping services to actually bring it to you so you can enjoy what you just spend your hard-earned cash on.

There’s nothing wrong with needing auction car shipping companies – they exist for a reason, after all. And when it comes to these types of companies, some people may think that they’re special companies that only handle certain cars. This is not the case. Auction car shipping companies often handle regular customers as well, people who aren’t shipping to or from an auction.

They provide the same basic services for all their customers regardless of whether or not they’re shipping from or to an auction house. You can still find open or enclosed shippers who are fully licensed, bonded and insured to ship from an auction instead of from your home.

Auction Car Shipping Companies: Do They Cost More?

No. Auction car shipping companies don’t usually charge more because you’re shipping from an auction; sometimes they’ll even give you a discount, if you’re not the only person needing to ship from that particular auction house.

It’s actually more common than you’d think, because while there are auction houses across the country there are only a few major auto auction houses out there, the biggest ones perhaps being Mannheim and eBay. These two auction houses don’t offer their own car shipping companies, but they work with existing auto shippers because they don’t want cars that they just sold to be sitting in their auction houses any longer than they need to.

This means that you can search for auction car shipping companies on Google, and pretty much any shipping company you find will be able to get your vehicle to or from an auction.

Auction Car Shipping Companies: Damaged vs. Non-Damaged

Auction Car Shipping CompaniesMost auction car shipping companies provide shipping services for both damaged and undamaged vehicles, and this can actually affect your price. Shipping a vehicle that does not run is typically going to cost you $150 more than a car that does, simply because of the fact that not all shippers can handle a non-running vehicle – they need a special winch in order to get a car that doesn’t run on or off their truck.

Car shipping companies need to take this into account when they’re shipping your vehicle to or from an auction house, so don’t skimp on the details – if your car doesn’t run, please let your vehicle shipper know ahead of time so they don’t show up with the wrong type of truck at the auction house.

This is actually a more common problem that auction car shipping companies face, and since auction houses don’t like to have cars sitting there, finding a truck just to have it be unable to pickup the vehicle can theoretically lose you your car if you don’t get it picked up fast enough. So make sure any auction car shipping companies you’re thinking of booking with know that your vehicle is not running if it isn’t.