ATV Auto TransportShipping an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is almost as common as shipping a motorcycle and the shipping process is basically the same. When it comes to ATV Auto Transport it is often simpler than shipping a car, since they are much smaller. We even work with some carriers that specialize in ATV and motorcycles, that’s all they do. So, don’t worry, your ATV will be in great hands.

How ATV Auto Transport Works

Transporting a car and transporting an ATV are very different. ATV auto transport is accomplished by putting the vehicle in a crate. Since they are so small, much smaller than a standard car, they must be placed in a crate to protect the exposed engine and fragile exterior of the vehicle.

Cars have an exoskeleton to protect the working parts and interior. ATVs do not. The crate acts as a barrier between the ATV and the elements. It also makes sure it is not banging into other ATVs or motorcycles during the shipment process. A lot of motorcycles and ATVs can fit inside or on to the same carrier, this often means they are cheaper to ship.

The crate is built to the dimensions of the ATV to insure it fits snugly inside. Additionally, the crate its self will be tied down on the carrier to further limit the possibility of damage. This is the most secure way to ship an ATV. Once your ATV is placed in the crate, it will then be shipped inside an enclosed carrier or on a flatbed truck.

Reasons for ATV Auto Transport

You may think throwing your ATV into the back of a pick-up truck is sufficient enough. However, you are actually setting your ATV up to get damaged. For local moves, a pickup truck may be best. But for long distance shipments, transporting it is usually the way to go.

Hiring someone to complete your ATV auto transport is a much better idea. It will be faster, more cost effective, and your ATV will most certainly not be damaged in the process. If you’re still worried about that, rest assure that your ATV will be fully insured during the ATV Auto Transport process.

We only work with the best and top rated ATV and motorcycle carriers.

Getting a quote for ATV Auto Transport

If you are wondering how much ATV auto transport costs, American Auto Shipping can tell you. All you need to know is the make, model, and year of your ATV, where you want it shipped, and when you need it to be done by.

If you feel confident you have all the info you need, simply fill out our free online quote form to get an instance price immediately on your screen. Just be sure to mark “motorcycle” so we know its not a car. If you still have questions, or just want us to fill out the form for you call us 24/7 at 800-930-7417.