Vehicle MoversMoving can be hard. Whether you’re moving to a new home or moving a package, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. And when it comes to finding reliable vehicle movers, it can be even more challenging.

Moving your vehicle can be a time-consuming process, and can get stressful quick if you’re not well-versed in the process. Fortunately, we at American Auto Shipping take the difficulty out of this. We can take care of all your arrangements for you and find the best vehicle movers for the job.

But we’re not the only shipping company out there, so no matter what, it’s important to know what vehicle movers can do, how to get quotes to ship your vehicle, and what you can do to make your shipment easier.

What Can Vehicle Movers Do?

Vehicle moving companies are there to help make sure everything goes smooth when you ship your vehicle. Whether you’re relocating a car, truck, SUV, motor home, boat, trailer, or something else, it’s a shipper’s job to make sure it happens.

Every shipper we work with to transport your vehicle is fully licensed and insured. This means that you don’t have to worry about them taking your car and going to Mexico with it. We also make sure the vehicle movers will offer you the best price for your shipment. With no hidden fees or extra expenses that you will have to pay when your car shows up at your house.

Also, you’ll be able to talk to a live person about your shipment whenever you want (within their standard business hours, of course) about your shipment. Giving you the flexibility and the necessary tools to handle your vehicle move in an upbeat, positive manner. You can even track your cars progress and location right on our website. At no point will you need to worry about where your car is and when it will arrive in your new location.

Tips for making it easier for your vehicle movers

When you transport a vehicle, you want to make sure that you’re giving accurate information to any prospective shipper. If it’s not running, let them know. If it’s leaking fuel or oil, they need to know. If your vehicle is lifted or wrecked, they need to know.

Misrepresenting your vehicle can cause serious problems for you and your shipper. If it’s not running, and you say it is, the carrier may not be able to load it. If it’s lifted, but you say it’s not, the vehicle may not be able to fit on the truck at all.

Naturally, if a carrier thinks he can pick a vehicle up, only to show up and see he cannot, that’s going to make him…well, let’s just say he won’t be happy. Chances are you’ll need to pay a fee for the carrier basically wasting his time. So don’t misrepresent your vehicle.

Also, make sure to give your shipper time to actually find a carrier. It’s not always easy, especially if prices are in flux or if a route doesn’t see much in the way of freight. There are lots of reasons why a vehicle won’t move, so make sure to work with your shipper instead of demanding the world of them.

Get A Quote For Vehicle Movers

Getting a quote for vehicle movers is easier than you think. American Auto Shipping are experts on moving your vehicle from point A to point B. To get a free accurate quote instantly, simply fill out the quote form at the top of this page. It’s simple to understand, and only asks for the most basic information. If you like the price you see after hitting submit, you can go ahead and enter your payment information. Then we will begin to arrange your shipment right away.

Need help filling out quote form? No problem! Call us 24/7 at 800-930-7417. Our live agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have. They are experts in vehicle moving industry. They can even fill out the form for you and get your quote over the phone.

So, fill out the quote form or call today and be on your way to a hassle-free move! We think you will be surprised by how affordable shipping with American Auto Shipping can be.