800px-Mercury_CometThe auto transport industry is an industry that has a lot of different moving parts, and a lot of different people that ultimately have a hand in the transportation of your vehicle. When you’re shipping a vehicle, you start with getting a quote(which we can help with), then you book your order with a transportation broker, and they find a carrier that will pick your vehicle up and transport it. If you’re shipping overseas, you’ll have an additional company – the shipper at the port, that handles the cargo ships that take your vehicle overseas. When it comes to writing up testimonials regarding your experience with shipping a vehicle, you need to know a few things about who you’re posting about, where you’re posting, and – if you’re using testimonials to find a shipper – what to consider reliable and what you can tune out. This article is going to focus on testimonials and how they pertain to you, the customer, when leaving them or when using them to find a shipper of your own.

Let’s start with what to do when leaving them. You should only leave testimonials for specific companies, because most testimonials are done via TransportReviews.com or OnlyCarrierReviews.com – the former is for your broker, and the latter your trucking company. These are separate testimonial sites that allow you to leave reviews of specific companies, and they are highly used and rated in the car shipping industry. But you shouldn’t blame your broker because the trucking company was a week late; it’s not their fault. When leaving testimonials for a specific company, only let what that company did for your shipment reflect in your review. If the broker didn’t answer your phone calls or e-mails and left you in the lurch for days or weeks, yeah, leave them a bad review, but if they worked their butt off to find a carrier for you and were unable to, that’s not necessarily their fault. Likewise, if the carrier was great, leave a good review, but don’t leave a bad review for a carrier because your representative at the brokerage was a flake.

There’s two reasons for this: one, leaving bad reviews for companies that had nothing to do with what actually went wrong with your shipment is unfair to them. They’re running a business, and while most auto transportation companies advertise online and by word of mouth online (word of finger?), bad reviews can make or break a company. Reputation is everything in this industry, and ruining a company’s reputation – or contributing to it, anyway – when it’s unwarranted isn’t fair. Reason number two is that customers like yourself are using these testimonials to choose what shipping companies they want to work with and entrust their vehicles to, and unfair or biased reviews from you or other customers can lead to good companies losing business and customers contracting with bad companies because the ones they were looking at had bad reviews.

When using testimonials to find a new auto transport company, you should for this very reason take testimonials posted with a grain of salt. Testimonials only consisting of one or two sentences aren’t always the best judge of character, but at the same time zero-star reviews based on something ticky-tacky aren’t necessarily good either. Take your time and read through some recent reviews for a company – the more they have, the more legit they tend to be. This is also why it’s important to leave honest feedback with a transportation company. If you’re using testimonials to find a shipper, chances are other people are too, and contributing to a company’s overall reputation is never something to scoff at. Likewise, it’s not something to take lightly. If you have questions regarding this article, give us a call at 800-930-7417 and ask away.