Car Transport CompanyWhere do I find a great car transport company? Nowadays, ever shipping company under the sun has some sort of presence online. And with the way the auto moving industry works, everything’s done online. So the best place to find a quality shipper is the internet.

But it’s so much more than just typing “auto transport” into a search engine and going with the first company you find. It takes reading about those companies and knowing that they’re a good company.

Let’s talk about where you can find a quality transportation company, what they look like, and how they work.

Where to find a quality car transport company

Of course, the best place to find a quality car transport company is the internet. You’ll likely be hard-pressed to find anyone in the Yellow Pages these days.

An auto transport quote provider can be a great place to start. But they can also be a hassle. Quote providers get you multiple quotes from different transport companies via one helpful form. They can be a useful tool – quote providers usually make sure that the companies they work with are top-rated.

Reputation is important in the auto shipping industry. If a shipper is not reliable, or has a lot of bad reviews, that reflects poorly on a quote provider. This in turn hurts their reputation, which results in less business as the word gets out.

So quote providers are usually good about only working with top-rated shippers. Not all of them care as much as others, though. So quote providers can also be kind of spotty when it comes to quality control. This is especially true today, as there are fewer quote providers than there used to be.

Where to go without a quote provider

The biggest problem with quote providers, really, is that they inundate customers with emails and phone calls. This isn’t surprising – if you’ve ever gotten car insurance quotes, you know that bombardments happen with this method.

Customers complain, and search engines respond in kind. So today, there are fewer quote providers at the top of the searches. Instead, they’ve been replaced by top-rated auto transport brokers. Brokers are the go-to companies to ship your vehicle with, as they have access to thousands of carriers nationwide. They ship cars quickly and at rates that carriers will never provide on their own. In other words, brokers keep prices low and ship times fast.

Nowadays, they’re fairly easy to find. Just do a search in your favorite search engine, and chances are you’ll see a half a dozen right away.

But without quote providers, you have to do a lot of the legwork to make sure they’re actually top-rated. Also, you have to contact each company individually to get quotes and get your questions answered.

So you don’t get blasted by phone calls and emails, but you do have to spend more time actually looking for a shipping company.

How do I know which car transport company is right for me?

This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? You don’t really know which one is going to fit best for your needs until you start actually looking at them. We recommend finding 5-8 companies that you would feel comfortable with, then researching them.

You can look at reviews, BBB complaints, how long they’ve been active, etc. You should do all of this, and you should also contact those companies over the phone and speak to their representatives.

Really, you want to find a company that you have an easy time working with. Most car transport business is done via email or over the phone. So make sure you have access to those when you’re in the process of getting your vehicle shipped.

Otherwise, you just have to choose someone and hope for the best. The vast, vast majority of vehicles are transported without incident. They’re moved on time, without prices going up or going down. That’s what you’re looking for.

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