It’s not often that people in the United States get involved with things that affect them directly, but tell that to Doug Czop, a Macomb Township resident who has decided to call attention to what has been happening in regards to the Big Three auto makers, who are still in a world of financial turmoil. He and his son have started the “Big Three Affects Me” campaign, with all proceeds going to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

He said he first thought of the idea when the Big Three went to Congress to petition for the bailout. People are calling it a bailout, which he says isn’t the case; rather, it’s a bridge loan, with the companies promising to pay the money back. But what’s more important is the fact that Czop’s campaign is bringing attention to the fact that, if the auto industry in America goes down, millions of jobs will be lost.

The “Big 3 Affects Me” campaign has donated over 2000 buttons, and if you wish to get involved visit their website at Proceeds go to the Make a Wish foundation.

Czop, who recently went back to work at the Chrysler plant where he lives, says that few people are aware of just what’s going on with the auto industry. He and his family have been affected by this, and he’s hoping to raise awareness of what’s going on. However, his message, he says, is a positive one, and he hope to keep it that way.