How to Help Your Automobile TransporterWhen trying to figure out your automobile transport, it’s tough to get everything ready in time. But shipping a vehicle can be a relatively easy experience if you take the time and prepare your vehicle. Helping your automobile transporter can be as easy as taking twenty minutes to prep your vehicle accordingly.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can help your automobile transporter and make your shipment easier.

Helping Your Automobile Transporter: Cleanup the Automobile

Automobile carriers aren’t licensed to move household items. This includes household items that are currently in a vehicle that they are shipping. So most of them won’t even load a vehicle onto their truck until it’s completely cleaned.

You can make it easier on them by cleaning the cab of your vehicle out prior to their arrival. This includes any personal items, garbage, spare change, and even auxiliary cables and other tech. You don’t need to vacuum it, though you should because a clean car is always a good thing to have.

Note that most carriers will allow up to 100 pounds of “junk” in the trunk. It’s an out of sight, out of mind type of mentality. You should be fully aware, however, that any items in the trunk of your vehicle will not be insured. This is because carriers aren’t licensed to carry household items. You should also tell your representative that there will be some small personal items in the trunk of the vehicle as well.

Anything you put in the trunk should be light and not easy to break. Leave your laptops and stereo systems out.

Read the Paperwork and Understand the Contract

Make sure that you properly understand the contract you sign! This seems easy, but terms and conditions aren’t fun to read. That said, they’re important when you ship a car, so make sure to at least give them a good once-over.

If you have questions, ask! This isn’t school, you won’t be teased for the questions you ask. The most common mistake people make when shipping their vehicle is they don’t ask questions about things they don’t know. This is usually how complications arise.

You can find the answer to a lot of your questions online, and right here on our website. Additionally, you can contact one of our representatives any time to ask questions and get advice. We’re happy to help.

But you shouldn’t just wing it and think you know everything that’s happening and going to happen. Ignorance isn’t bliss when you ship a car – it’s a pain in the neck.

Don’t put too much fuel in the vehicle

Let’s face it, fuel is heavy, and expensive. So whether you’re shipping a regular gas-powered car or a diesel truck, you should only have a quarter of a tank of fuel in it when the automobile transporter arrives. If you have too much, go on a drive. You can siphon it out if you want to, we suppose. But a nice drive also doesn’t come with the risk of getting gasoline in your mouth.

Either way, having just a bit of fuel in the tank will reduce the weight of your vehicle. It may not seem like a big deal, but if ten cars each have a full tank of fuel, that’s hundreds of pounds of extra weight! And then you add into it the fact that some customers leave some items in the trunk, and that weight gets even higher.

Carriers have to abide by weight restrictions, just like any other commercial vehicle. Too much weight can cause structural damage to infrastructure, which is why we have government-regulated weight limits. Also, too much weight will make the carrier overweight when they stop at a weigh station. If that’s the case, the extra weight must be found and purged. You don’t want to lose your stuff or your fuel because of that!

Ship a vehicle with confidence with American Auto Shipping

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No matter what you need shipped or where you need it shipped to, we can help. We have decades of experience moving cars and we can help you move yours too. So call or use our online form and see what American Auto Shipping can do for you. You can also read more on how to be a good auto transport customer.