Auto Transport CompaniesIf you need to ship a car, you need to start looking at auto transport companies. They’re the ones that will help you get your vehicle moved from A to B. But what makes an auto transport good? How do you know you’ve found a good company?

It’s not the easiest thing to do, but we try to make it easier. Keep reading to learn what makes the top auto transport companies the top companies in the industry.

Auto Transport Companies: Beginning the search

People like to shop. Everywhere they go, they see stores, and in those stores are goods that people want to buy. But you don’t always go into the shop, right? You’re too busy, or it costs too much, or they don’t have that dress in a deep lavender…whatever it is, it’s preventing you from shopping. But you still like to shop, right?

It’s the same whether you’re shopping for a dress or shopping for auto transport companies. You want to find the best prices and the best services that can be offered. Your car is worth it finding the right company for you.

In this industry, there are three main types of companies: quote providers, brokers, and carriers. Basically, quote providers get you quotes from brokers, who find carriers to physically move your vehicle.

Most people begin their search online. Some find quote providers, others brokers. We are a broker, so if you’re looking for a quote you don’t need a quote provider at all!

Auto Transport Companies: Quality Service

There are two basic things that all customers want: quality service, and quality price. Transportation companies understand this, so most of the time, whoever you end up booking with is going to give you a decent price and quality service.

But not all companies are built the same. Not all brokers have their prices right, and some provide better quality service than others. While every company can get you open or enclosed or flatbed shipping services, sometimes, their customer service skills leave something to be desired.

But most companies can get away with sub-par phone skills if their prices are good. But prices that are too low won’t move cars, and prices that are too high won’t result in sales. You don’t want to pay $1000 for a shipment that everyone else says costs $900, right?

So when it comes to service, it’s more than just a friendly voice on the phone. It’s also about knowing and understanding how the industry works, how prices work, and how ebbs and flows of the industry can change those. Companies that keep themselves up on those things are going to be better than those that stay perpetually behind the ball.

Auto Transport Companies: Characteristics

Auto transport companies are perhaps the best entities in the auto transport business in regards to you, the customer. They make sure that your shipment goes smoothly and, more importantly, that your car is going to move when they say it’s going to move.

When you’re planning on moving your car, you want your auto transport company to be nice, friendly, and more importantly, you want them to get the job done. This all alludes back to what we were talking about regarding prices – if their prices are right, your vehicle will move. If they’re wrong, your vehicle either won’t move, or you overpay.

Now, one of those things is infinitely preferable – you’d rather pay too much to ship a car than too little and not have it move, right? But the characteristics of a quality transport company will become apparent once you start collecting quotes and comparing prices.

Comparing prices and services of multiple companies will let you know what kind of company they are pretty quickly. They’ll give you a price and explain their services to you. So if you don’t like the way the rep is talking to you, or you don’t like the price, just move on to the next company. Find the one that’s right for you – and if they end up being wrong for you, you can always cancel and book with another shipper.

The American Auto Shipping Advantage

With American Auto Shipping, you get all that. When you fill out our online form or call 800-930-7417 you’ll get a free, instant quote to ship your vehicle. Our pricing team works hard to ensure that we are continually ahead of the curve when it comes to what we offer. We may not be the lowest price you’ll get, but your vehicle will move with us.

We want your shipment to be as hassle-free as possible. You can call us any time to speak to an agent, and we recommend you do so. A quote is one thing, but speaking to a live representative can answer questions you didn’t even know you had!

When you book with American Auto Shipping, you’re booking with a company that has been an industry leader since 1999. We know what it takes to move your car, so let us help you move it.