American Car Shipping: A Checklist

Are you looking for American car shipping services? You should note that if you need to ship an American-made car, it’s about as difficult as shipping a foreign car, but there are some things that auto transport customers should do before their American car shipping company arrives to pick their vehicle up. In this helpful article we’ll give you all a quick rundown of what American car shipping companies expect from you before they pick your vehicle up. By utilizing these tips, you’ll ensure that your transport goes more smoothly and they’ll save you a lot of time (and possibly money in the future).

American Car Shipping: Fuel, Items and Accessories

American Car ShippingBefore your American car shipping company picks your vehicle up, make sure that your car has only 1/4 of a tank of gas when it goes onto the truck. Gasoline is heavy, and while it may be a minute detail it adds up fast. A gallon of gas weighs just six pounds, but when a car’s gas tank can hold 12-18 gallons, ten full tanks of gas can add up to a thousand pounds or more for American car shipping companies. As car shippers are bound by weight restrictions, having less than 1/4 of a tank of gas ensures that there’s enough in the tank to get it on and off the truck and refueled at the delivery location, and it’ll save a lot of time and money. Also, things such as antennas and other removable exterior items should be removed and placed securely in the trunk of the vehicle, as loading and unloading can cause damage to exterior accessories. There’s not a lot of room on an American car shipping truck, so make sure you don’t leave anything that can be damaged.

American car shipping companies are not licensed to carry household goods, so be sure that the interior of the vehicle is clean before your shipper arrives to pick your vehicle up. Otherwise, they may tell you to clean it out, which will cause delays and possibly more money. You can get away with about 50 lbs of things in the trunk, but be sure that it’s as clean as possible. And though we feel as though this next part is common sense, we feel compelled to mention that you shouldn’t put any personal items in the vehicle during transport, as transporters are not liable or responsible for any items that break during transport because they were in the car. So pillows and blankets in the trunk are okay, but precious heirlooms should be left to a household shipper.

American Car Shipping: Dirty vs. Clean Cars

American Car ShippingMake sure your vehicle is dirty when your American car shipping company picks it up. Dirt on the vehicle will actually help protect the paint from high-velocity road debris such as small rocks and dirt particles that can cause scratches and pitting in your paint. You don’t need to go mudding or anything in your car; just don’t wash it prior to pickup, as it’ll be more protected with the thin coat of dirt and grime than it would be if it were pristine. If you’re shipping a nice vehicle, you can simply wash it off after the vehicle is delivered, and a bit of dirt is a small thing to deal with compared to fixing your entire paint job. If your car is clean when prior to your American car shipping company picking it up, it won’t kill it – American car shipping is as safe as driving the vehicle yourself in terms of the debris and stuff you’ll get on it, so it’s not like your car’s paint will look like Swiss cheese or anything, it’ll most likely be fine. But if it’s dirty, don’t wash it, because the dirt just helps and doesn’t hurt.