You’ve likely seen the argument of “car shipping broker vs. carrier” and which is the best to book with. It’s one of the most common questions in the vehicle shipping industry today and it dominates search results online. The car shipping industry is divided into three basic companies, the quote providers, the brokers and the carriers. Quote providers give quotes from brokers, who contract with carriers to ship vehicles. The broker is the most important auto transport company out there today and it’s important you book with a broker as opposed to a carrier.

Brokers are the company that handles everything but the actual shipment of your vehicle. Oftentimes they advertise to customers via online quote providers, which allows them more time to book orders and handle the administrative part of shipping a vehicle. Booking with a broker means faster pickup times and often lower prices; they use lists of top-rated carriers across the country to find one that is close to your pickup area and that can actually ship your vehicle. Booking with a carrier can lead to longer wait times for pickup and also higher prices.

Brokers help keep prices lower by keeping carriers honest; they can simply say that a carrier is charging too much and move onto the next one, at least on the most popular of routes. Not only that but they also actually help carriers as well; they connect carriers on the road with customers, thus helping carriers keep their trucks full and on the road as opposed to stopping and trying to find freight. To learn more, talk to a live agent by calling 800-930-7417, or visit You can also call or go online for free auto transport quotes any time.