One of the first things you will likely notice during your search for an auto transport company is how expensive the process is. Even short shipments can cost hundreds of dollars, and for those of us who have to keep strict budgets it can be difficult to fit a vehicle shipment into it. That’s why it’s important to start looking for a shipping company early, so you have more time to prepare.

You should start searching for a shipping company at least a week before you are actually planning to ship your vehicle. This will not only give you some time to budget your shipment, but it will also give whatever shipping company you book with time to find a carrier and arrange everything so that your vehicle is picked up when you need it picked up.

Another great way to budget your shipment is to gather multiple car transport quotes and compare prices before you book. We recommend getting anywhere from eight to twelve different quotes. By gathering multiple quotes, you can find the company that fits your budget while also having a good basis of comparison, so you know that you are not being gouged by your shipper.

If you are interested in getting free quotes to ship a vehicle, we highly recommend filling out the free quote form on If you do, you’ll be emailed multiple quotes from top-rated auto transport companies, who you can then compare against one another and ultimately find the company that fits your needs. You can also contact us any time at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our friendly agents.