Most vehicles that are transported today are shipped on what is known as an open auto transport carrier, a large truck that can load up to ten vehicles at a single time. Open auto shippers are considered the standard in today’s car shipping industry, offering the lowest prices and typically the fastest pickup times for customers.

There are thousands of different carriers on the road today that can transport your vehicle, most of them of the open variety, but there are other types as well. Enclosed transportation services are available for customers shipping high-end, luxury, rare or exotic vehicles, but almost always comes at a higher cost due to fewer enclosed shippers on the road than open ones. You can get enclosed transportation quotes right through our website, in addition to the standard open transport quotes.

The last method of transporting a vehicle is known as flatbed transportation. Though grouped in with standard auto transport services, it stands alone in that flatbed shippers are used only as a last resort. Designed to haul vehicles that cannot fit on standard open or enclosed trucks, flatbeds tend to haul oversize vehicles, as well as vehicles that cannot roll, brake or steer, as well as totaled or salvaged vehicles.

You can get quotes for both open and enclosed auto transport services right through our free online quote form at, and you can also call our toll-free telephone number to speak to one of our live agents if you have further questions about the standard auto transport methods available to you.