At you can get a quote to ship a vehicle from anywhere, to anywhere in the United States. The quote you receive will be for door-to-door shipping services on an open transport carrier. You can also receive a quote to ship via an enclosed transport truck, though at a higher cost. Rarely will you be able to receive an auto transport by rail quote, though, as it is not available on many modern routes.

This is due to the fact that demand for auto transport services via rail is low, as is its availability. Today, the only real auto transportation services available via rail are all located along the east coast, running routes up and down the eastern seaboard, typically from a rail hub in Virginia down to Jacksonville or Miami.

Auto transport by rail tends to be more expensive than shipping a vehicle on an open auto transport truck, and its limited routes make it unavailable for the majority of customers shipping vehicles today. If you are interested in auto transport by rail, you can discuss it with a live agent, though you shouldn’t be surprised if they tell you it is unavailable along your specific route.

If you have further questions about auto transport services via rail feel free to call us at 800-930-7417 to discuss it with a live agent. They can explain more about auto transport by rail and its limitations, and can assist you in getting your free quote today.