When searching for a company that can ship your vehicle, you need to be aware of how those companies price their shipments and, more importantly, what they mean when they say their rates are guaranteed. In the strictest sense of the word, your quotes will never be guaranteed to remain the same no matter what anyone tells you because there are so many variables that can affect auto transport prices along a given route that no one can predict.

Fuel is one such factor. Fuel prices fluctuate daily, and large swings in diesel prices can cause prices to skyrocket as well. Another factor is the weather; during the winter months, routes are susceptible to wintry driving conditions such as snow and ice, which can slow down carriers and cause costly delays should they run into trouble during a rough patch of weather.

Generally, car transport companies will guarantee your price for two to three weeks from the day you receive your quote, but you must understand that even then they may ask you to pay a bit more in order to get your vehicle picked up. Sometimes, carriers have to deal with fluctuations in their overhead costs by upping prices they charge along specific routes, so if your shipper asks you for more money to transport a vehicle, it’s not always a bad thing.

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