Jet Ski ShippingJet ski shipping is a matter that comes to the minds of many people who own jet skis. One needs to move their jet ski from Point A to Point B, right? Well, shipping a jet ski is the same as shipping a car… almost. In this article we’ll be talking about jet ski shipping and how it differs from normal vehicle transportation. Whether it’s taking your jet ski to the lake, the beach, or the ocean, we’ll show you how to get it there.

Jet Ski Shipping to any State

Jet ski shipping takes experience because it’s not exactly the same as shipping a vehicle. A company has to have experience and know-how to ship a jet ski properly and safely. We ship jet skis ourselves, and if we can’t, we have networks of reliable carriers to pair you up with who can.

Jet skis are shipped either on an open transport truck or via an enclosed carrier. Shipping on an open truck is cheaper than many people think. However, there is the possibility of damage to the vehicle. Road debris, like small pebbles, can be kicked up by adjacent vehicles. When they collide with your jet ski, they can leave scratches. This is why most people choose enclosed transport.

Note that how you ship your jet skis will depend on what kind of trailer you have. Many times, enclosed transportation is used because the trailer can’t fit on an open truck. Sometimes jet skis will be towed, with the trailer set up behind a pickup truck.

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How long will it take?

Jet ski shipping will take just as long as it does to ship a normal vehicle. This can range between a few days to a few weeks. The amount of time it will take depends on the pickup window and the distance the jet ski has to travel. The pickup window is usually within a few days of booking, with transit taking another few days after that.

Additionally, the time it takes to ship can be affected by other things. The most important factor is that the carrier may have other places to stop and pickup or deliver vehicles. Another factor is the season and the area you’re shipping from and to. Winter shipping can take longer than summertime shipping services.

One may wonder what happens if your jet ski is damaged during transit. This is a rare occurrence and if it does happen the carriers are fully responsible for the damage. This means that their insurance would have to pay for the damage. In other words, transporting your jet ski is fairly risk-free, on the whole.

How much is Jet Ski Shipping?

The price of shipping a jet ski depends on various factors. The type of transportation, open and enclosed, of course, will largely indicate the price. If you ship from terminal to terminal, then the price can be reduced. Shipping to a main city from a main city can also reduce the price. The size, and weight of the jet ski, for jet ski shipping, will also contribute to the price.

Here’s what we will need to know to ship your jet ski:

  1.  The model and value of the jet ski.
  2.  The width, height, and length of the jet ski.
  3. The weight of the jet ski.

Once this information is collected, moving forward with getting the jet ski transported is a piece of cake.

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