In the car shipping industry, knowing what car shipping companies are good and which car shipping companies aren’t is a huge undertaking. There are literally thousands of car shipping companies in the United States alone, and each one has its own little nuances and differences that makes it different from the rest of the car transport companies out there. Some car shipping companies are always better than others, and some car shipping companies aren’t car shipping companies at all – they’re scam artists trying to steal your money and give the car shipping industry a bad name.

That’s the real problem with the car shipping industry – it isn’t well-regulated, so a lot of fake car shipping companies pop up and try to get your hard-earned money. We have all heard the stories of people booking their car shipping with some podunk car shipping company that no one has ever heard of, just to get completely robbed and taken advantage of. We at American Auto Shipping want to help you make your car shipping experience the best it can be, and we know how important it is to find a reliable car shipping company.

Our best advice, when searching for a car transport company, is to read the reviews. There are several review websites out there dedicated to car shipping customers and car shipping companies – the largest, and probably most well-known car shipping review site is Transport Reviews – any car transport company worth its weight in salt is on Transport Reviews. Those car shipping companies know that they need good reviews, and some car transport companies will even give you money back if you post a review of their service. And of course, any car shipping company that is legitimate is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Don’t just go with the car shipping company that has four or five good reviews – any car shipping company that is legitimate is going to have at least a page or two of customer reviews. It’s important to find a car shipping company with a good ratio of good reviews to bad reviews – if a car transport company has a lot of good reviews and a couple bad reviews, you can probably tell that they are a legitimate car transport company who has their share of unsatisfied customers. Every business, no matter what industry it is in, is going to have people they they just can’t satisfy. But if you find a car shipping company that just has one too many bad reviews, chances are they’re a bad company. But if a car shipping company has mostly good reviews, and a few bad ones, you can expect that they’ll be a good company. The longer a car shipping company is in business, the more reviews they will have, so look for car shipping companies that have a lot of reviews.

It’s always best to choose a car shipping company that you feel comfortable with, but it’s also important to do your homework prior to choosing a car shipping company. The best way to find multiple car transport companies is to fill out our free online car shipping quote request form. You’ll receive ten free car shipping quotes from ten different legitimate car transport companies, and from there you can check out their reviews and see which one is best for you.