Auto Shipping FAQ: Can I Save Money By Shipping Multiple Vehicles?

direct carrier auto transport quotesShipping more than one vehicle is a common experience in the car shipping industry, and more often than not you can find some sweet deals on moving multiple vehicles at one time with the same shipping company. Many auto shippers will give you per-car discounts for shipping more than one, even if the total price for shipping two or more will be higher than just the one. Auto transport companies are always looking for ways to get customers and give them incentives to book with them; they’re salesmen, at the end of the day, and they want your business, and one of the most common tactics is to give people multi-car discounts for shipping multiple vehicles at once.

Shipping multiple cars comes with some stipulations – for starters, you may pay less per-car than you would if you shipped them individually, but it’s still going to cost more than shipping a single vehicle. That’s the first thing you need to know – yes, you can save money by shipping multiple vehicles with the same company, but only versus shipping those two cars independently. It’s not going to magically cost less to ship two cars than just the one; you’re still going to be paying close to full price for each vehicle, it’s just you’ll get a bit knocked off for booking both with the same shipper.

And this is actually kind of a good thing for auto transporters because they are able to fill their trucks more quickly, which is what they’re looking for. Two vehicles coming from the same area and going to the same area will naturally cost less, because it’s less work for the guy actually hauling those cars. Why go to eight different cities to pickup eight different cars when you could get four of those cars in one spot? (usually the more vehicles you ship at once the larger the discount) If you’re interested in getting quotes to ship your vehicle, give us a call or fill out our free online quote form and get multiple quotes from reputable and reliable shipping companies who can explain more about their multi-car discounts, how they operate and how much you can save

Across the Map: Vermont Car Transport Services

Vermont 3Vermont is a U.S. state located in the New England region of the country. It is home to just 626,000 residents, good for second-fewest among the 50 states, and also ranks 45th out of the 50 states in terms of total area. Contrary to popular belief, Vermont was not one of the original Thirteen Colonies to declare independence from Great Britain; it was created as an independent, sovereign state that was added as the 14th U.S. state in 1791, and Vermont was (and still is) considered to be one of the most progressive states in the Union – it was the first to abolish slavery outright, doing so before even joining the United States. You can learn more about the state of Vermont via its helpful website too.

Vermont is incredibly isolated, and is only serviced by two minor interstate highways. It’s not surprising; with such a low population county historically, and with many mountainous and uninhabited/sparsely inhabited areas, interstate highways really aren’t that big a deal in the state – though they help when it comes to auto transportation services. Car shipping to or from Vermont is typically more expensive than other states on a per-mile basis due to its geographic isolation and low population count, even to the state’s largest cities. Burlington, it’s largest, is home to just 42,000 residents, and is serviced by just one interstate – not only that but it’s located in the far northwest reaches of the state, which make it difficult for auto shippers to run routes to or from the area and still make a profit.

Is it impossible to ship to or from Vermont? No. It just costs a bit more, on average, than most other areas in the U.S. for the reasons we’ve already mentioned. We can get you free auto transport quotes to ship your vehicle from anywhere, to anywhere in the United States, including any city in Vermont. All you need to do is fill out our free online quote request form and you’ll get up to ten free quotes from reputable and reliable vehicle shipping companies within about an hour. If you include a telephone number, you’ll get some phone calls and be able to talk to those shipping companies, and you can also call us toll-free to speak to one of our live agents if you have questions of your own. As always, you can visit our helpful auto transport to and from Vermont page to read more about the state.

Auto Shipping to Little Rock

Little Rock 1Little Rock is the capital of (and the largest city in) the state of Arkansas, currently home to over 196,000 in the city proper and 724,000 in the surrounding metropolitan area, known as the Little Rock MSA. It is also the county seat of Pulaski County. The city was named after a landmark along the Arkansas River (conveniently, an outcropping of literally “little rocks”) and was used as a trading and congregation area for Native Americans prior to settlement by Europeans, which began in the early 19th century. Little Rock has been growing slowly but steadily for years now, and the rise is expected to continue, albeit slowly. If you’re interested in learning more about the city of Little Rock, check out it’s official website here for more.

There are two different major interstates that service Little Rock, the main one being I-40. I-40 is one of the most popular interstate routes for many industries, mainly because of where it runs and its ease of access. I-40 connects some of the largest areas of the country together, but while it may be popular with agricultural companies it’s not nearly as popular with auto shippers, mainly because not a lot of people are actually shipping vehicles from or to any major cities along it. Okay, that’s not quite true; there are always people shipping somewhere along I-40, but it’s not popular because there aren’t as many shipping as there are along I-95, which runs up and down the eastern seaboard.

If you’re interested in shipping your vehicle to or from Little Rock, it’s easy enough to get started, especially if this is your first time. If you’re interested in shipping to or from the city of Little Rock, fill out our free online quote request form; you’ll get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you within the hour, sent from reputable and reliable auto transportation companies. Our affiliates know all the ins and outs of shipping to or from just about anywhere in the United States, including Little Rock. If you have questions or concerns regarding the information in this post, or simply have some questions that you need answered, give us a call at 800-930-7417 and speak to one of our live agents – they’ll be happy to help you with anything and everything auto transport related. You can also read more about shipping to or from Little Rock via our auto transport to or from Little Rock page.

Auto Transport Quotes: Nissan GT-R

GT-R 2The Nissan GT-R is one of Nissan’s most powerful – and most expensive – vehicles. It’s a sports car that has been dubbed a “supercar” owing likely to the fact that it packs a 3.3L twin-turbo 545hp engine into a coupe frame – and gets away with it, too. Coming in at just over $100k, it’s not something you’ll see just anyone driving – which is why driving one would be so awesome. the GT-R is based on Nissan’s long-running Skyline name, and the GT-R is just the newest iteration of it (though the Skyline name has been dropped). It’s engine is entirely custom-built at the Nissan factory where the GT-R is built as well, so you get a unique experience with every GT-R you see. Read more about the GT-R via Nissan USA’s official page about it.

Shipping a Nissan GT-R is not complicated, but it can be kind of nerve-wracking if you’re new to the whole “auto transport” gig or you are unsure of just how safe it is. We always recommend that you ship a Nissan GT-R via an enclosed auto shipping carrier. As a $100k+ valued vehicle, the GT-R may drop in value whenever you drive it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a $90,000 car still. It’s worth a pretty penny, and as such you want to make sure that it retains that value as long as possible – usually this means taking incredibly good care of it and shipping it on an enclosed carrier if you have to transport it. Vehicle shippers that use enclosed trailers may cost more in the long run, but if you’re shipping a $100k+ car, do you really care about a few hundred extra dollars?

That’s what we thought too.

At the end of the day you want to protect your GT-R from the rigors of the road as best you can. As a car, it’s meant to be driven; but it’s not meant to be damaged, so when shipping it go enclosed. If you’re looking for a company that can help you transport your Nissan GT-R safely and easily, give us a call or fill out our free online quote request form. You’ll get multiple quotes from reputable and reliable auto transport companies within the hour, all e-mailed to you (you may get a few phone calls if you put your telephone number in) quickly and securely. Your information and your vehicle will be in good hands with any of our auto transportation affiliates, and they’re always willing to help answer your questions and get you your free shipping quotes.

How to Use Our Household Moving Quote Request Form

Moving 3Household moving is often a big part of our customers’ auto transportation – they call us up or fill out our form to get free auto transport quotes, but they’re also trying to ship the rest of their household goods as well, and this is why we’ve built and continue to maintain our household moving articles page; not only can you read great information about various aspects of the household moving industry, but you’ll gain access to our household moving quote request form, a one-step form that can get you in contact with reputable and reliable shipping companies easily, quickly and safely.

When you first see our household moving quote form, you’ll notice that it’s a bit different than our regular auto transport quote form; for starters, it deals with household moving, is arranged differently, and has everything you need to fill out right there – there’s only one step, not two like on our auto transport form. It’s simple, really, but here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll be looking at:

Moving from zip code: This is pretty standard. If you don’t know your moving from zip code just Google “[city name] zip code. It doesn’t need to be exact, just close to where you’re moving from.

Moving to info: City and state is required here. Just put in the city you’re shipping to and what state it’s in. If you don’t know how to spell it, look it up – it’ll make your quotes more accurate.

Size of move: This one’s a biggie, so pay attention. Obviously you can’t weigh your whole house; it’s just not feasible (and might not be possible). So base it off how many rooms you have – if your home is two bedrooms and is small, pick the “2 bedroom” option; if it’s a two bedroom with a loft or something, go 2-3 bedroom. It’s simple, and at this stage accuracy is good but not required; just get as close as you can.

Date of move: When you want to move. Try and make this at least 3-4 weeks from today’s date, as it’ll take at least that long for your household mover to arrange your shipment and dispatch your shipper.

Contact info: In the interest of space we’ll group all this together. First/last name, e-mail and daytime phone are required, so please fill those out accordingly. Your information is only used for quotes – our household moving advertisers can’t solicit for any other services and can’t sell your information to anyone else. It is only used for quotes, so rest assured that your information is safe in our hands. That said, your contact information is used to contact you for quotes, nothing more, and obviously we require your first/last name so they know who they’re talking to and who to ask for.

That’s it! It’s a simple process, all things considered. Fill out the form, get some quotes, and you’ll be on your way to your next household moving adventure in no time. If you have questions about our household moving quote form, the process, or just need some general inquiries answered, give us a call and talk to one of our live relocation agents. They can answer your questions, give you helpful and sound advice, and even answer auto transport questions and help get you quotes to ship a car as well as your household goods. So fill out our form or give us a call at 800-930-7417 today and find out what American Auto Shipping can do for you.

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