Military 2If you’re a member of the military, you understand how transfers work – while you may have the option of choosing your assignment, not everyone does, and transfers in and of themselves can be a frustrating experience especially if you’re a military member with a family. As you likely know, the military will handle your household move and the shipment of one vehicle when you are forced to relocate, but any additional vehicles have to be shipped via an independent shipping company, and that can put strain on any family that is trying to figure out not only how to relocate to a completely new part of the country but also one that has a fairly tight budget for shipping a vehicle as-is.

Every auto transport company will provide vehicle shipping services for military members – of course they would, they don’t discriminate in any way against any customers because money is money and it spends the same no matter who you are or what services you need. That said, a lot of vehicle shippers out there actually work close with military members to get them great rates – they understand the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform make on a daily basis, and they know that relocating thousands of miles is not cheap or easy or fun or anything else. They know it’s stressful, and they want to help you as best they can.

This is why many auto transport companies offer discounts for military members. While it’s usually not a huge discount when all is said and done, at the end of the day it does help the cause and can make or break some peoples’ budgets. You should be working closely with a broker to ship your vehicle – they end up saving you a lot of time and money over shipping directly with a carrier, and as such your discounts will come out of their pay, not the pay to the truck (also known as the COD amount or cash on delivery amount), which means you pay less for your shipping services while still affording full pay to the carrier, which will determine how quickly your vehicle will be picked up.

Not all auto transporters actively advertise their discounts, but it’s something that you should keep in mind when you ship a vehicle if you’re a member of the military. They offer discounts for other reasons too, of course, but regardless the reason you will need to ask them directly if they offer military shipping discounts. This is why gathering multiple quotes from different shippers is important – some companies offer larger discounts than others, and you want to try to find a company that not only will get you a good deal on your shipment but that will also help you find the right carrier at the right price in a timely manner.

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Moving 1We’ve given out a lot of tips regarding making your next household move easier, and we’re back with a few more that you can utilize to make things that much simpler for you. To start, you should pack ahead – if you know you’re going to be moving sometime in the next few months, anything that can go into a box right now absolutely should. Have a lot of seasonal clothes, or books you don’t read all that much but would hate to get rid of? Pack it up now, because when it comes time to ship all the rest of your worldly possessions you won’t have nearly as much work to do. And mitigating how much work you need to do when shipping your stuff across the country is going to help you a lot.

When packing, keep like items together – haphazardly throwing everything into a box isn’t going to do anything but make it harder and more dangerous for your movers. Not only that, but when it comes time to unpack it’s going to be a lot easier for your movers to put things in the right room if everything in each box is supposed to go to that room. For instance, why would you throw kitchen utensils in with a bunch of clothes or books? Those don’t go in the kitchen, and that’ll just require you to do more work when it comes time to unpack. Properly labeling boxes for your movers and only putting items in those boxes that go in those specific rooms will help you immensely when it comes time to unpack – remember, a household move is a lot more complex than simply packing stuff up and letting your movers take it. You have to setup your new home once you get there too.

Something that a lot of people don’t do is consolidate cleaning supplies. This can be a real life-saver, especially if you’re moving into a fixer-upper or if the home you’re moving into needs some cleaning. It shouldn’t, of course, but at the same time we can’t all buy dream homes in our dream cities, and sometimes realtors don’t disclose all the details of the home you’re moving into. Not only that, but cleaning supplies need to be carefully marked as some of them can be toxic if used incorrectly. Jostling and moving around in a truck can cause tops of cleaners to detach, especially on older bottles, and shifting during transport can even cause cleaners to break – which can lead to dangerous chemical interactions. All household cleaners should be packed in a box and marked dangerous, and you should inventory what you put in there for your mover in case they know something about those cleaners you don’t.

If you’re interested in shipping your household items but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck – we can get you started on your next household move via our helpful Household Moving Articles section. In addition to gaining access to a lot of helpful and informative articles about household moving services, you also get access to our free household moving quote request form, which will net you free quotes in your email from top household moving companies completely free of charge. You can also get free household moving quotes on our auto transport quote form, if you need to ship your vehicle as well as your stuff – you can access that on the left of this blog post, as well as on our homepage and most pages on our website. You can also contact us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents any time.

Billings 1Billings is the largest city in the U.S. state of Montana by population and sits as the county seat of Yellowstone County. Home to an estimated population of over 109,000 total residents, Billings anchors the Billings Metropolitan Statistical Area which is home to over 166,800 residents spread across two different counties. Billings is a major center for warehousing, distribution and trade and is the only city in Montana to have over 100,000 residents. Thanks to the vast amount of natural resources available in the Billings area, particularly oil, Billings was able to successfully avoid the economic downturn and the subsequent recession as well as the popping of the housing bubble a few years back.

The vast resources available to Billings and the Billings area has led to its being dubbed the “Magic City” – the city was first founded in 1882 and has experienced rapid growth since, particularly after the railroads came to the area. Over time, Billings has morphed into a center of distribution and trade that spans four states, including Montana, Wyoming and both North and South Dakota, and also acts as a retail and shopping destination for most people within that trading area. This makes Billings perhaps the most popular auto transport location in the entire region, which is really saying a lot considering the city’s overall size in comparison to the other great metro areas of the U.S.

While Billings might be the most popular area in Montana to ship to or from, it’s still not all that popular of a destination for carriers, and this makes it more time-consuming and more expensive to ship to or from Billings than other areas of the country. A lot of this has to do with its geographic isolation and lack of easy access; while it is true that I-90 runs through Billings, and it is also true that I-90 is a transcontinental interstate highway that runs from the west coast to the east coast, it’s in the far northern reaches of the U.S. and the gaps between major cities are pretty severe for car shipping companies. This leads to the city being less popular among carriers, and as Montana is sparsely populated it’s not that popular among customers either, and these two combined with its location and the weather, which we’ll discuss in a moment, make Billings one of the more expensive areas of the country to ship into or out of.

Severe weather in and around Billings is not that uncommon, especially in the fall, winter and early spring. Tornadoes, lightning storms, snow and ice and severe temperatures are all known to hit Billings, making it a pretty inhospitable place most times of the year. Spring and summer tend to be the nicest and calmest time of the year in Billings, but they’re fairly brief, and snow starts falling as early as October and can last all the way til May, sometimes dumping inches at a time on the city. Snow and ice are the bane of auto transport companies, and they try to avoid it wherever possible as it could lead to accidents that damage loads or getting them stuck in an area, unable to get out and thus unable to make money.

If you’re interested in shipping to or from Billings, we highly recommend filling out our free online auto transport quote request form. When you do, you’ll get multiple free quotes from top-rated auto transport companies emailed to you within minutes of submission. Once you have your quotes you can compare prices and services of those different transporters and even discuss your shipment and options with one of their live agents right over the phone, all the while comparing prices and services through the quotes you get. You can also contact us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our own live agents, who can answer your questions and help you get your quotes today.

Carrier 14In the auto transport industry, there are thousands of different carriers on the road, but not all of them haul freight for every customer. Between all the open, enclosed and flatbed haulers out there on the road today, most of them are common carriers, but some are contract-only and others are private shippers that only haul for select people or businesses. While most customers – likely including yourself – will use a common carrier found by a reliable and trustworthy auto transport representative, it’s still a good idea to understand what different carriers do what and why they haul what they do. Let’s start with the common carrier.

A common carrier is a for-hire truck that anyone can hire for the right price. These are the carriers that auto transport companies use to book freight for day-to-day customers, as mentioned in the paragraph above. They are the most numerous and most of them haul freight on open transport trucks, as they tend to be the most cost-effective to drive. Common carriers are often the cheapest and fastest method of shipping a vehicle, as there are more common carriers on the road than any other type and the industry in which they work is a competitive one indeed. All common carriers will be fully license, bonded and insured.

Contract carriers are those that are under contract with one company and hauls loads only for that company. This is usually how shipping companies that are technically brokers advertise that they are carriers as well – they have contracts with specific carriers, often a multitude of them. This is becoming less and less common in today’s car shipping industry on account of the fact that common carriers can find more loads for better prices that ultimately make them more money. Contract carriers still exist, though since they only work with one company only the largest brokers tend to use these types of carriers.

The first two types of carriers offer their services to the public – customers such as yourself can hire both types of carriers, generally through a brokerage service as that tends to find them quickly and it’s rather cost-effective. But the third type of carrier is the private carrier, and they don’t offer their services to the public. You likely won’t ever ship a car with a private carrier – they tend to work with major corporations and businesses that haul a lot of cars to and from different parts of the country. Usually it’s vehicle manufacturers that use their own transport trucks to move cars from the production facility to the showroom, but there are likely other companies in other sectors that have their own trucks as well.

To get free quotes from public auto transport companies that generally use common carriers – which are usually the cheapest and fastest of all the different ones out there – you should take a minute to fill out our free quote form. When you do, you’ll get multiple free quotes from top-rated auto transport companies emailed to you free of charge, and once you have your quotes you can then compare their prices and services against one another to find the company that’s the right fit for you. If you have questions about our services or need some help getting your free quotes, you can speak to one of our live agents at 800-930-7417 any time.

direct carrier auto transport quotesUnderstanding how companies that ship vehicles end up choosing the freight that they ship will help you a lot when it comes to finding the right shipping company for your needs. There are thousands of different auto transport companies out there that you can choose from, and it can be kind of an overwhelming experience especially when it’s your first time shipping your vehicle. Different companies run different routes and service different parts of the country, so finding a carrier that will ship your vehicle is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. But there are also other factors that carriers use, and a lot of different factors that can affect their decision-making regarding picking your vehicle up or not, so read on to find out more about how auto transport carriers choose their freight – and what you can do to make yourself more appealing.

To start, car transporters won’t even touch a load if it’s not paying enough. Money talk and BS walks in the auto transport industry, and usually the more you pay the better the service you receive will be. This is one of those industries where it just is what it is – when you can choose a job that pays $300 or $600 for the same amount of time and work, you’ll go with the one that pays twice as much, won’t you? Of course you would, that’s just free money you’re leaving on the table. Auto transport carriers work the same way, on the whole, especially those that run pre-established routes across the country.

And that’s something else that carriers keep in mind – the routes they run. Auto shippers like to stick to major routes along major interstates and other transport corridors, and as different carriers run different routes and at different times it can take time to find a shipper willing to transport your vehicle. Scheduling plays an important role in what vehicles carriers pickup; if they can’t easily fit a vehicle into their daily drive they likely won’t pick it up at all even if the price is decent. Of course, for the right price anyone will switch their schedules up, but this is rather subjective in the auto transport industry.

There are other factors, too, like what you’re shipping and how big it is as well as inclement weather along the route that they will be driving along. Most carriers, as mentioned, like to stick to known routes through areas they tend to frequent, as the familiarity helps them run routes through the area faster as well as avoid areas that are prone to traffic jams or bad weather. Weather can play a crucial factor in your shipping price and timetable, particularly during the fall and winter when the weather starts getting severe. You should discuss your route and your price and your options with a live auto transport representative, though, as they will be able to give you the full scoop on your exact shipment.

If you need to get a hold of someone, you should take a minute to fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. When you do, you’ll receive multiple free quotes from top-rated auto transporters, completely free of charge, in your email inbox. They usually start showing up within minutes of filling out the free form, and once you have your quotes you can contact those shippers over the phone or via email to discuss your shipment in more detail. Still have questions, or need some help getting your free quotes? Give us a call toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live auto transport experts, who can help you by answering your questions, giving you advice on shipping your vehicle and helping you get your free quotes today.