Auto Transport Tips: How to Handle the Wait

Clock 1Waiting for your vehicle to be shipped is not only brutal, it’s something that cannot be avoided. Unlike overnighting a package from one part of the country to the other, auto transport doesn’t allow you to do that – you can’t put a car on a commercial plane, at least not with any of the companies that you’ll on the internet that ship cars. Maybe someone does car transport by plane, but on the whole it’s not something that’s readily available for Joe the Plumber, you know? That’s why auto transport by truck is what is used most – not only does it allow for more competition in the industry, which helps keep your prices lower, but it’s also the most cost-effective for the shippers themselves.

So, you’re going to be stuck waiting. How do you handle it? Well, if you have a second vehicle, you really don’t have to worry about it all that much; you can tool around in your secondary car for a few days or a week or two (depending on how far your main vehicle is being shipped) and you won’t have to worry about transportation for yourself. But many people don’t have the luxury of a second car, and this blog post is for you. The bus system is typically your best friend if you’re waiting for your vehicle to arrive, and in some areas it’s completely free. Walking, of course, is always an option, but only for some – while everywhere is within walking distance if you have enough time, most people don’t have the time to walk to and from work (and who would want to, anyway?).

So, you have to wait. Waiting sucks. At most, it’ll take two weeks, and during that time you can try to bum rides off friends, carpool to and from work, walk – it really doesn’t matter, but it’s something that you should definitely figure out before your car transport truck comes to pick your vehicle up. Make arrangements for when you will be without your vehicle, as being prepared will always make things easier for you come transport time. If you’re looking for a company to ship your vehicle, fill out our free form or give us a call; you’ll get multiple quotes from reputable and reliable shipping companies, and if you call us we can help answer your questions as well as help you navigate our site and get you your free car shipping quotes.

Auto Transport Routes: Pocatello to Reno

Pocatello 1In the auto transport industry, car shippers prefer running routes from one major metropolitan area to another. Pocatello – home to just 54,000 residents – is not a major metro area, at least not in the sense that Los Angeles or New York are. It’s the fifth-largest city in Idaho, but Idaho is a rather remote area, and auto shippers don’t particularly like traveling there as not a lot of people are shipping cars to or from the area. And Reno, while it’s still fairly large (over 225,000 residents), it’s isolated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, though it does have a major interstate running through it, I-80. There is no one route that connects Pocatello to Reno, but it’s not impossible for auto shippers to get to or from there – it just takes a bit of ingenuity in terms of the route they decide to take.

The quickest route would likely be for an auto shipper to head west on I-84 out of Pocatello, then get onto US 93 S, a north-south highway that is not part of the Interstate Highway System, near Twin Falls, Idaho. From there they can head south into northern Nevada and ultimately reach I-80, which runs straight into Reno. This particular route is rather barren in terms of major cities along the way, so some carriers will likely opt to take I-15 south into Salt Lake City to pickup more loads, as Salt Lake City is the largest city in Utah and actually a rather popular shipping location (for its size and location, anyway). From Salt Lake they can catch I-80 and head west into Reno, which is likely easier and more cost-effective, if not a bit longer.

Reno 2Taking the first route will likely shave a day or two off your shipment, but if a carrier is going through Salt Lake City first it may be cheaper for you, if not a bit longer of a route. Most carriers heading out of Pocatello will either continue on I-84 into Portland, Oregon, or south on I-15 – rarely will they make the trek from Pocatello to Reno without any other stops. Expedited transportation, which is quite a bit more, could see a shipper run the US 30 route to I-80, but again it’ll likely cost more because of the more barren nature of the route. For questions about your specific route, talk to your car transport representative; if you’re interested in getting some quotes to ship your vehicle from different vehicle transport companies, fill out our free form or give us a call and you’ll get multiple quotes e-mailed to you within the hour.

Auto Shipping FAQ: How Can I Make my Auto Transport Cheaper? (Part One)

Davenport 1As we’re sure you’re no doubt aware of by now, particularly if you’ve read anything else on our website, auto transportation services are rather expensive. Of course, price is relative – for some people  it’s pocket change, and for others it’s all they have. Some people need some help paying for shipping services, and others can just drop however much they want. It’s the world we live in, and unless you can pay, your vehicle isn’t going to move. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the system a little bit to help lower your shipping costs. Auto transporters tend to run routes based how much they’ll get paid, and they want to take the highest-paying loads. Sometimes, they can cherry-pick, usually on popular routes in the summer months, but other times (the majority of the time) they sort of have to take what they can get, and this is where you can make a difference.

If you can, move your pickup and/or delivery locations to major metropolitan areas, and let your auto shipper know that you can take your car anywhere in the metro area to meet your carrier. If you have the money to ship your vehicle, even if it’s just a couple hundred miles, you have enough to tool around a fifty-mile radius if it’s going to help you save more in the long run. Carriers don’t want to go into downtown areas – they can’t fit – but they do prefer running routes to and from larger cities, because that’s where their customers are, more like than not. More people in an area means more potential customers, so that’s where they stay. Instead of shipping out of the middle of nowhere, move your pickup and/or delivery locations and watch your shippers take your load for less than they would if you hadn’t.

This is, of course, just one suggestion – there are a few different ways that you can save on your car shipping services, but it all comes down to where you’re shipping from and to, what you’re shipping, and when you’re shipping, and not all of these are things that can be easily switched or changed. If you have additional questions about your shipment or anything in this blog post, give us a call and talk to one of our friendly representatives. They can give you more information on how to save some money on your auto transport, but you should also know that sometimes it’s not possible to pay less – it’s a finicky industry, auto transportation, and you need to be prepared for that at all times.

Across the Map: Virginia Auto Shipping Services

Virginia 3The Commonwealth of Virginia (one of only four U.S. states to officially be known as a “Commonwealth”) is one of the oldest U.S. states. Located on the eastern seaboard, Virginia is currently home to over 8.2 million residents, ranking it 12th largest in the entire country by population. Virginia is rich in history, and the Virginia General Assembly is the oldest governing body of law in the “New World” (i.e. the United States and Canada). As it is located near the federal capital, Washington D.C., it is not altogether surprising to hear that many federal agencies and divisions have headquarters in northern Virginia, and that government employees make up one of the largest auto transport and household moving demographics in and out of Virginia. You can also read more about the state here.

As one of the oldest states in the Union, it’s somewhat surprising that Virginia is not more urban and modern. That’s not to say the city isn’t up to speed or anything; quite the contrary. It’s just that there are huge swaths of the state with only little human habitation, and those areas are typically the ones that are the hardest to ship a vehicle to or from – or, at the very least, it’s more expensive. The main north-south interstate through Virginia is I-95, connecting most of the major population centers together including Richmond and Alexandria. I-95 services the eastern parts of the state; to the west, I-81 connects cities such as Roanoke and Winchester together in a long line.

The state’s largest city is Virginia Beach, a major tourist location on the southeastern shores of Virginia. It is near to Norfolk, a major naval area and also a popular shipping location. Though there are many areas in Virginia that you can ship a vehicle to or from, some are easier to get to than others, and ironically the largest city in Virginia is one of the more difficult ones to move to or from. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s accessed by I-64, and while I-64 may be a popular interstate in Virginia it’s not a popular interstate anywhere else in the country. Keep that in mind – you may have better luck shipping to Norfolk, as it is a major military station that sees a ton of traffic, and then simply driving the twenty miles or so to Virginia Beach. You can read more about shipping a vehicle to or from Virginia via this helpful link.

Auto Transport to Juneau

Juneau 2The City and Borough of Juneau, as it is known, is the second-largest city in Alaska by population and the largest in the state by total area. Juneau is unique in several ways: despite being the home of just 32,000 residents, it is not only the largest city in the state by area, but the second-largest city by area in the entire United States. Not only that, but it has no roads that connect the city with either the rest of Alaska or, indeed, any of North America; geographically isolated, Juneau is reached primarily by ferry for outsiders, though air travel is also used to get people to and from the city. You can learn more about Juneau by visiting its website here.

When shipping a vehicle to or from Juneau, the only possible way to get it there is via overseas via a standard auto transport company, but you need to be aware that not all shipping companies ship up to Juneau. Many will ship to Anchorage, and from there you may need to have your vehicle shipped via ferry to the city itself. Its geographic isolation makes it a difficult area to ship a vehicle to or from, and as such vehicle transportation services tend to cost more to or from Juneau than even Fairbanks or Anchorage. Shipping to or from Juneau will also typically take more time than standard overseas auto transport services, owing once again to how remote the area is.

If you are shipping a vehicle to or from the Juneau area, we are more than happy to help. Please note that, while you can get multiple free quotes to ship your vehicle to or from the city of Juneau, it’s going to cost you quite a bit more than it would if you were shipping within the contiguous United States. This, as you’ve likely surmised, is due to the fact that there aren’t a lot of companies that ship to Alaska, and since you have to go overseas your shipper will need to contract with an overseas auto transport company to handle the last leg of the journey. Feel free to fill out our free online quote request form to get your free quotes, and you can also call us toll-free at our telephone number to speak to one of our live representatives. For more information about shipping to or from Juneau, you can also read about it here.

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