Car Shipping Tips to Gresham, Oregon

Gresham 1Gresham is a city located in Multnomah County, Oregon. It is a prominent suburb of Portland, the largest city in the state, and Gresham is currently home to over 105,000 residents. Gresham started as nothing more than a stopping point on the road to Portland, and was originally simply known as “The Camp” or “Campground.” Early leaders decided that Gresham needed its own identity, but they needed to establish a post office in order to be considered a separate city, so they did exactly that, in 1884, though it would not be until 1905 that the city proper was incorporated. Gresham is its own independent city, but the city lines are somewhat blurred in the area, with Portland merging seamlessly with Gresham. Gresham has several surface streets that extend all the way into Portland proper and is serviced by Portland’s brand of light-rail mass transit as well as Portland’s public bus system.

Gresham is not the most popular area in the Pacific Northwest to transport vehicles to and from, but its size and proximity to Portland make it cheaper to ship to and more enticing than other, smaller cities in the region. Gresham sits along Interstate 84, a less-traveled and more rural interstate in the Pacific Northwest. Auto transporters run along I-84 really only when they have to; its route to Salt Lake City takes it through much of the uninhabited portions of northern and eastern Oregon, Idaho and Utah; with few people actually shipping vehicles along the route, or from and to cities along I-84, most auto shippers would rather run routes along more major routes, and this seldom includes any routes with Gresham along the way. It may be easier for you to move your pickup or delivery location to an area that’s more easily accessible to auto transportation companies, as it might help decrease your price as well as your pickup window.

Portland is generally a good bed, but keep in mind that the Pacific Northwest, as a region, is relatively isolated, with only a few major ways into and out of it. Much of it is rural outside of the Portland and Seattle metropolitan areas, especially in the eastern portions of the states. Eastern Oregon and Washington are sparsely populated; this makes them less enticing for shippers, which increases prices and pickup windows. It’s best to talk to a representative to get a good idea of the industry and where the carriers are at when you’re looking to ship, as they’ll be able to tell you with a lot more accuracy when carriers might be able to pick up your vehicle, how much it’ll cost, what your delivery windows will look like, and more. If you’re in need of quotes or don’t know where to start, we recommend filling in the free online quote form to your left; it takes only a minute or two and gets you in contact with 6-8 reputable, dependable and reliable auto transporters that can give you quotes and advice through e-mail and over the phone. You can also call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer questions and help you get your free quotes.

What is Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport?

smallerpicTerminal to terminal auto transport, or terminal auto shipping or some other variant thereof, is a seldom-used service that was once a lot more prevalent and popular than it is today. Terminal to terminal shipping is where you drop your vehicle off at a vehicle storage facility to be picked up by a transportation company and then delivered to another terminal in the delivery city, where you then go and pick it up. Terminal to terminal transportation has its pros and cons like anything else, and in this helpful blog post we’re going to discuss the good and bad of terminal to terminal auto transport and how it can affect your experience when shipping a vehicle.

For starters, terminal shipping is slowly disappearing. Auto transportation companies today utilize door to door shipping, which is considered to be the standard method of shipping in the industry today. Door to door is generally considered superior because it gives you, the customer, a lot more control over the pickup and delivery. You’ll be there (or someone you know and trust will be there) at both pickup and delivery. With door to door services you get to meet your driver, do an inspection of the vehicle prior to loading (for comparative purposes, mainly used in damage claims) as well as unloading, and you can pay the driver at delivery. With terminal to terminal shipping, you skip all those steps – instead, you simply drop your vehicle off at the terminal and then let everyone else do everything for you. Terminal shipments give you the ability to simply let your vehicle be taken care of and frees you up to do a lot of other things that you may need to do, especially if your car shipment is part of a larger cross-country move.

Terminal shipping can be more dangerous, however. Terminals are rarely secured, with most being primarily open lots or warehouses where vehicles sit. They are also slowly dwindling in number; twenty or thirty years ago they were much more prevalent, but as the industry moves toward door to door shipping there are fewer terminals operating today. Most of them that are still around are located in the major metropolitan areas. This can actually help you save money, as carriers are more inclined to go to and from heavily populated areas, but terminal shipping can take a lot longer considering that not a lot of auto transporters actually like going to terminals. Shippers prefer to run routes door to door because it gives them more control over where they go and it gives them more flexibility in their routes. With fewer customers as well as fewer carriers utilizing terminal shipping services, terminal to terminal auto transport can take weeks or months longer than standard shipping services.

At the end of the day, though, it’s cheaper than door to door, which is why a lot of customers are initially interested in it. However, more often than not, the lower price is actually more of a hindrance because it makes it take longer to get your vehicle picked up. So there’s a trade off – higher cost for faster pickup, which is what most customers are interested in. Terminal shipping is great for those vehicles you just need out of your hair, or if you don’t have the time or budget to handle regular transportation services. Talk to a representative for more information about terminal to terminal auto transport, and you can also call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our agents who can help answer your questions as well as help you get free auto transport quotes. If you’re just interested in getting some free quotes, you can always fill out our free online quote form and get multiple quotes from reliable transportation companies e-mailed to you within about an hour.

Why Open Auto Transporters are the Standard Shippers in the Industry

Carrier 5Open auto transportation is the cheapest method of auto transport in the industry today, and there’s a few different reasons as to why. In this helpful blog post, we’re going to cover the reasons why they are considered standard and how that can affect your auto shipping prices and availability, as well as how it affects availability of other types of carriers and how many there are on the road. Auto shipping really hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years or so, with the same basic setup used from pickup to delivery to the types of trucks on the road, and this type of longevity is rooted in the ways of the industry itself. Open transport is the standard because it is the easiest, and let’s explain why:

1. Open auto transporters offer the most bang for your buck
Auto transport is expensive to operate in.What with fuel costs being so high, maintenance being so demanding, and the cutthroat nature of the car shipping industry, auto transporters need to take what they can get when they get it, and this means taking loads every day. Most accept cash on delivery as payment, so they only get paid when they drop off a vehicle. That’s why they want to keep their trucks full and on the road: they make more money the more times they stop. This is also why it can be difficult to find a carrier in certain areas. As auto transporters are constantly on the move, some customers will find that their vehicle won’t move as fast on one route as it does on another. This is because auto shippers can pick and choose their loads, and all the factors need to be there for them to pick your vehicle up.

2. Higher volume lowers cost
There is a high demand for open auto transportation services. Literally hundreds if not thousands of people every single day fill out quote forms and get prices and book orders and wait impatiently for the truck to show up. Open auto transportation works great because auto transporters can load multiple vehicles onto a single, specialized transportation truck and schedule pickups and deliveries every day. By loading multiple vehicles onto a single truck, auto shippers can maximize how many vehicles they have on their truck at any given time. Since they can load up ten cars at once instead of two, like an enclosed carrier, they can charge less per vehicle because it’s more likely they’ll get paid every day for the next week or so. As they continue to travel from city to city, carriers constantly drop off loads and pick news ones up depending on where they’re driving next. This type of transient setup is ultimately better for everyone because it keeps prices lower.

3. Maintenance is relatively cheap, all things considered
There are several different types of trucks in the auto transport industry, and make no mistake: they’re all expensive to operate and maintain. When it comes to auto transportation you’d be surprised to hear, we bet, that in terms of truck maintenance open auto shippers spend less time in the shop than enclosed shippers or flatbed haulers. Reasons vary as to why open carriers are generally more productive and last longer than enclosed or flatbed shippers, but at the end of the day it’s true that open auto transportation trucks spend less time being serviced and more time on the road than their counterparts. The fact that they provide shippers with easy ways to find loads, load up those loads and haul those loads safely, securely and quickly makes all the difference in the world.

Different auto transporters exist for different reasons, and everyone who ships their car with an auto transport company is going to get either an enclosed trailer, open carrier or a flatbed transport truck, depending on what they’re shipping and how they want it shipped. If you’re still unsure about what you’re looking at or what you want to do regarding shipping your vehicle, you can call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions, give friendly advice and direction, and help you get your free auto transport quotes. Speaking of, you can fill out our free online quote request form and get multiple quotes e-mailed to you from reliable and dependable auto shippers within about an hour.

Before the Move: Tips for Buying a New Home

St Charles 1There are things that no one really thinks about when it comes to buying a new home. Granted, most people have their bases covered in terms of finances and credit and the like, but we’re talking the little things, especially if you’re going to be starting a family. Most people that use household moving services are moving with their spouse and their kids and their pets and all the baggage and luggage that comes with them. If you have the money to buy a new home and afford household goods transportation services, chances are you have options in terms of where you’re going to move to and what type of neighborhood that you want to live in, and that’s sort of our first tip, free of charge: make sure that the neighborhood that you’re moving to is actually one that you want to live in. Check out; it gives great breakdowns for different cities based on neighborhoods and can give you a great idea as to the actual crime rates per neighborhood, school districts, distance to entertainment and shopping, and a whole lot more.

That’s something else you want to keep in mind: the schools. As mentioned, the majority of people that utilize nationwide household moving services are moving with their family, including their kids, and this next part is geared toward that demographic, regardless of whether you have young children or older ones. School plays an important role in a child’s development, and as a writer with children myself, having a good, safe school to send them to every day is a real godsend. Research the school district that the neighborhood you plan to move to is located in and see how they stack up in comparison to some other places that you’re thinking of. Good schools are an easy thing to look up; if you have high-schoolers, check out graduation rates and other statistics that can give you a sense of scholastic competence on behalf of the school.

These are just some of the things that we’ll be talking about in this new blog series. In future installments we’ll discuss things such as what to look for when buying a house, what things you can do to ensure you get the right buy for your family, finding good housing on a budget, apartment living vs. single-home living, and much more. If you’re interested in getting some free household moving quotes, you can fill out our free online quote request form on this page, as well as peruse our helpful articles dedicated to household moving services. If you’re moving and also need auto transport quotes, you can fill out the form to the left and simply mark that you’re moving in the box provided on the second page. For questions or concerns, or help navigating any of the quote forms or the website in general, give us a call at 800-930-7417 to speak to a live agent today.

Auto Shipping to Warwick, Rhode Island

Warwick 1Warwick is a city in Kent County, Rhode Island and is the largest city in the county and second-largest in the state, after Providence. Warwick is home to over 82,000 residents currently, and was first founded in 1642, one of the first cities in New England. Though little more than a small farming community for years, Warwick was privy to great events throughout history including one particular incident just before the outbreak of the American Revolution when patriots boarded a British ship docked in the harbor, stole its cannon and burned it. The ship was in port to uphold the recently-passed Stamp Act, a major precursor and focal point in the reasons behind the start of the American Revolution. After over 360 years of being a town, Warwick has changed drastically, and today is mainly a suburban town with healthcare and retail services being its prime economic drivers.

Let’s get this out of the way now: Rhode Island is far from the most popular auto transport location in the United States; with so many major cities surrounding it, auto transporters have no desire – nor the need – to go to somewhere such as Warwick. Because of this, it’s going to likely be more expensive to ship in and out of Warwick, Rhode Island than it would be to or from other major metropolitan areas. Warwick, however, does have one thing going for it: the fact that it sits not too far off of Interstate 95, the main interstate that auto shippers on the east coast use. I-95 runs through some of the largest metro areas on the east coast, including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Jacksonville and Miami, to name a few. Warwick sits south of Providence, which is where most carriers that do run routes into Rhode Island go, so at least you can meet them along the interstate, which may help cut down your pickup window a bit.

If you can swing it, try to get to a city like New York City, or at least the metropolitan area. Auto transporters don’t like going into New York City proper, and they can’t travel through areas like Manhattan due to both city ordinance and their large size. However, the outskirts of the metropolitan area tend to have plenty of places that shippers can easily get to and from and maneuver around in, so that really helps the cause there. As mentioned, Providence may also be a good place to move your pickup or delivery to as well, though this is more dependent on the current conditions of the industry as well as the season – it’s a lot harder running routes in and out of Rhode Island during the winter months. Talk to your shipping representative for more information, and if you want you can fill out our free online quote request form and get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you from reliable and dependable auto shipping companies. As always, you can call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions and help you get your free quotes today.

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