customerserviceperson-aasFinding a company that can successfully transport your vehicle for you can be a challenge – luckily, it’s gotten a lot easier over the years, and today the internet has made finding a trustworthy company easier than ever. One thing that the internet hasn’t really changed much in the industry, however, is the idea of a booking number, which is perhaps the most important number you will have when you end up shipping a vehicle.

When you book an order you are assigned an order number. This number is yours, and yours alone, and is used by your vehicle shipping broker and your carrier to reference your shipment. Typically they’re six digits long, though different companies use different software to keep track of all their customers and their numbers may be different. Some systems even use letters and numbers, to better help differentiate themselves from other shipping companies, but no matter what your booking number is it will be one of the most important things that you can have. Many companies will also give quote numbers out when you get a quote from them – this is really helpful, as your quote number will almost always also be your order number, should you book with that company.

By having the same number throughout the entire shipment, confusion is cut down tremendously. For companies that have multiple representatives that work on one order, keeping track of who has done what and who has talked to the customer and what the conversation was about is very important. And many auto transport brokers often work with customers that have the same name, or who are shipping along the same routes or have the same basic vehicles. What’s nice is that when your order is dispatched to a carrier, your carrier will use the same order number your broker assigned to you, so from start to finish you have one reference number. This makes everything so much easier and faster, and cuts down on confusion between all the different people that might work on your shipment.

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enclosed-trailer-car-loadedIf you’re new to shipping a vehicle, you may not know that there are actually three different types of carriers on the road today – technically there are more, but they can be loosely grouped into three different categories. Open transport trucks are the standard – cheaper and easier to find than the other two, these carriers can haul up to ten vehicles at a time, though there are many different trucks that haul different amounts of vehicles. Open carriers expose the vehicles they ship to the elements. Flatbed transport trucks are specially designed to haul oversize freight, and are not commonly seen or used. And then there are enclosed transport trucks, which will form the basis of this blog post.

Enclosed carriers typically can haul up to four or five vehicles, depending on the configuration of the truck in question, and unlike open carriers, enclosed transporters haul their vehicles in an enclosed trailer that protects the vehicles trusted to them by metal walls surrounding the vehicles. They often look like lowered 18-wheelers, those huge semi-trucks that you see hauling goods for grocery chains or fast food joints. Unlike those, enclosed vehicle shippers are designed to transport vehicles, and their trailers are custom-built to haul as many vehicles as they can.

Enclosed transportation services tend to be more expensive than open carriers, mainly because they haul a specific type of vehicle. Enclosed carriers protect the vehicles they ship from the elements and the hazards of the road; oftentimes, enclosed transportation is used to haul expensive, rare, luxury, antique and hard-to-find vehicles. Basically, if a vehicle has a really high value, and even something minor like a ding or a scratch on the paint can drastically lower its value, enclosed transportation is generally recommended. It’s more expensive than open transportation because there are far fewer enclosed carriers on the road than open ones, and with the ability to haul only half the load a standard carrier can ship, enclosed carriers have to charge more per vehicle to have it shipped. But enclosed transportation is definitely worth it, so long as the vehicle is – if you drive your vehicle to and from work every day, you likely won’t need enclosed transportation. But if you’d rather put a cover over the car and keep it in your garage, and only bring it out on a sunny day, well…enclosed transportation is probably best.

Luckily for you, we can help you get quotes to ship via both open and enclosed transportation – all you need to do is fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. When you do, you’ll have the option to select enclosed transportation quotes right there on part one of our form; part two will ask you some basic information including name, email address, telephone number and when you’re looking to ship. Submit our form and you’ll receive free quotes from top auto transport companies in your email completely free of charge. You can then compare prices and services and even discuss your shipping options and needs with a live representative over the phone. If you have questions about our services, or need some help getting your free quotes, give one of our agents a call toll-free at 800-930-7417 any time.

Beaverton 1Beaverton is a city located in Washington County, in the U.S. state of Oregon. Situated just seven miles west of Portland, the largest city in the state, Beaverton is the economic center of Washington County and a major suburb of Portland. Beaverton is currently home to a population of over 89,000 residents, making it the second-largest city in Washington County, after Hillsboro, and the sixth-largest city by population in the state of Oregon. Beaverton was named as one of the top 100 best small cities to live in by Money Magazine.

Beaverton is a major component of the Portland, OR-Vancouver, WA Metropolitan Statistical Area, the largest metro area between Seattle, to the north, and San Francisco, to the south, and as a major component of the metro area Beaverton tends to be cheaper to ship to and from due to its proximity to Portland. Portland is a popular auto transport area due to its sprawling size, numerous surrounding towns and cities, and access to major freeways and interstate highways. On the whole, Beaverton will be no more expensive to ship into or out of than Portland, and could be cheaper depending on the route your carrier is taking.

The main route through the Portland metro area is Interstate 5, the main north-south interstate highway through the Pacific states. It connects the largest cities on the west coast together including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle, as well as numerous other major cities along the route. As such, it’s a popular route for carriers to take, and while Beaverton sits a bit off of I-5, it’s still easily accessible from the interstate and tends to be an area that auto shippers usually don’t mind running routes into and out of, which tends to help your prices and services.

During the winter months, you may see higher prices than in the summer, at least depending on the route you’re running. Portland, and by extension Beaverton, as it sits within Portland’s metro area, tend to be less popular during the winter than the summer. Snow is somewhat rare in the area, though not uncommon; ice, however, tends to be a problem during the winter, and this can make some carriers think twice about running routes through the area. During the winter, you’ll want to discuss your shipment with your auto transport agent, to understand the various factors that could be causing your shipping prices or wait times for pickup to increase.

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open-auto-trailerMost auto transport companies today offer open auto transportation as their standard method of shipping a vehicle. Though there are several different methods of shipping, including enclosed transportation and flatbed shipping services, open transportation offers the fastest, cheapest way to ship a vehicle, and there are several different reasons as to why, but the main reason is the fact that there are more open auto transport carriers on the road today than there are any other type of shipper, which makes it much easier to find one for most standard vehicles as well as cheaper, due to the sheer number of open carriers available today.

Auto transporters prefer to drive open carriers, as opposed to enclosed or flatbed trucks, because of the fact that they are often the cheapest to own and operate. Forget maintenance costs; simply the way that open transport trucks are designed and built allows auto carriers to easily load multiple vehicles onto their truck, thus lowering the cost per-vehicle of actually shipping them. In other words, open transportation tends to be the most cost-effective for carriers as well as customers, and because of this most customers tend to gravitate toward open transportation in the first place. It’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy at that point: carriers can charge less per-vehicle since they can ship multiple vehicles in one trip, so customers gravitate toward those types of carriers, which increases demand for open transportation, which leads to more people owning and operating open transport trucks as a result.

At this point in time it’s pretty much evened out, but that’s one of the main reasons why open transportation is standard. Another reason is that open carriers, while leaving the vehicles they ship open to the elements, do indeed protect the vehicles they ship as well as they are protected while being parked in a parking lot, and even more so considering that they’re chained to a huge truck and the only person with the keys is the driver. This means that theft is virtually non-existent (though there are areas of the country where the risk is higher), damage is rare (it occurs in less than 5% of all transportation orders), and there is no risk of your car rolling off the truck during transport.

Another reason why it’s considered standard is the total cost of shipping a vehicle on an enclosed or flatbed truck. Enclosed and flatbed trucks can only haul a fraction of the vehicles that open carriers can – while an enclosed truck can haul anywhere from 2-4 vehicles depending on its size, open carriers typically can haul ten vehicles at a single time. Since enclosed shippers can haul fewer vehicles, it means that the costs of transporting them will be more per-vehicle than on an open carrier, and flatbed shippers often work the same way. This is a big reason for open transport being cheaper, and thus more accessible.

If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle, regardless of the type of carrier you’re interested in, take a minute to fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. When you do, you’ll receive multiple free quotes in your email inbox from top auto transport companies, completely free of charge. Once you have your quotes, you can compare prices and services, talk to live agents over the phone and determine which company is going to be the right one for you. You can also contact one of our own live agents toll-free at 800-930-7417, if you have questions about the industry, shipping a vehicle or if you just need help getting your free quotes today.

Flatbed 2Flatbed auto transport is not something that you will likely have to use very often, even if you ship a lot of vehicles (for instance, if you manage an auto auction or a used car dealership). Unlike open or enclosed transportation services, flatbed shippers are not typically carriers that haul just any type of vehicle. They tend to be harder to find and more expensive because they handle specialized freight instead of standard cars and trucks. They still haul standard vehicles, but typically there’s going to be a reason to need flatbed shipping services as opposed to going with one of the standard options in open or enclosed transportation.

Flatbed auto transport trucks are generally for-hire carriers that haul specialized vehicles. These vehicles tend to be those that are too tall or wide to fit on a standard open or enclosed auto transport carrier, and there are quite a few on the road today. Many times, oversized pickup trucks and cargo vans, as well as specialized vehicles such as construction equipment, will require flatbed transportation. Trucks can be too tall to fit on an open carrier because their height makes it impossible to load into the bottom rack of a standard ten-car carrier, and are too tall to fit under the height restrictions set by the government. Trucks sitting on the top rack of a transport carrier have to still be able to fit under overpasses, which sometimes don’t sit very high at all.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of flatbed transportation services, they are generally more expensive and harder to find, which makes it more expensive for you. They aren’t a part of the standard shipping services, though any auto transport company will be able to find a flatbed shipper for you. Like we said, it depends a lot on what you’re shipping, which is why if you’re shipping something that is taller than a standard car, truck or SUV, you’ll want to make note of it. Have the dimensions of any large vehicle you are trying to ship on-hand and ready to give to your auto transport agent, so they can properly quote your order and find the right carrier for you. Flatbed transporters may be more expensive and take more time, but for some vehicles they’re the only way to transport them.

If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle and are looking for some quotes to help you get started, make sure to take a minute and fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. When you do, you’ll receive multiple free quotes in your email inbox from top auto transportation companies over the course of the hour. Once you start getting your quotes you can begin to compare prices and services of those different transportation companies, and you can discuss your shipment with one of their live auto transport agents right over the phone. You can also contact one of our own live representatives toll-free at 800-930-7417, if you have questions or concerns, or need some help getting your free quotes.