Auto Transport Tips: What to Know About Overseas Shipping

Overseas 2If you frequent our website for whatever reason, you know that overseas shipping is done a bit different than overland transportation services. They tend to take longer than overland transport and it’s a bit more expensive, mainly because you have an entire second shipping company handling the second leg of the journey. With overseas shipping, you have to give your transportation company plenty of time and patience, and you need to understand that there’s little that they can do or you can do to speed things up. Cargo ships can only go so fast, just like how auto transport trucks can only go so fast.

But there’s more to overseas shipping than just that. When transporting to or from Alaska or Hawaii, your vehicle will be moved through international waters, and there are completely different laws and regulations governing international bodies of water, even for when you’re just sort of “passing through.” Because of these different laws and regulations, you have to conform to them, and part of that is that – unlike in normal overland transportation, where “junk in the trunk”, if not permitted, is not necessarily prohibited either – you cannot have anything in your vehicle when it is being shipped overseas that isn’t a stock part of that vehicle. Nothing in the trunk, nothing in the backseat, nothing at all. It’s going over international waters, and if for whatever reason the ship is stopped en route and its cargo searched, you could find yourself in some serious hot water.

Does it happen often? No. But you’re always better off being safe than sorry, and that includes when you’re shipping a vehicle overseas. Have nothing in the vehicle, and make sure that you follow all guidelines and regulations that your transportation representative outlines for you ahead of time. This will make your shipment easier and will lead to less problems along the way. For free auto transport quotes, even for overseas vehicle shipping, fill out our free quote request form. We have reputable and reliable vehicle transport companies standing by to make sure that you get the best deals on your next shipment, either overland or overseas.

Auto Transport Routes: New York City to Anchorage

New York City 2New York City is the largest city in the state of New York, and the largest city in the United States. Anchorage, well…is not. Located on the eastern shores of Cook Inlet, Anchorage is pretty far out of the way and can be difficult to get ships and goods to and from. However, it is the largest city north of the 60th parallel and the largest in the state of Alaska. Believe it or not, the city has close to 300,000 residents, and is continuing to grow; as such, auto transportation up to Anchorage from anywhere in the U.S. is becoming quite popular. However, shipping a vehicle up to Anchorage takes time and patience and, more importantly for many people, money.

When you’re shipping a vehicle to Anchorage, you need to understand that the only way to ship a vehicle up there is by cargo ship, overseas. There is no carrier willing to travel all the way through Canada and into Alaska, then traverse the treacherous Alaskan terrain – at least not for the price it takes to travel up the Atlantic Ocean a ways. When shipping to Anchorage from New York City, though, a carrier will have to pick your vehicle up in the Big Apple and travel across the United States – a long journey, but a more reasonable one, as many companies run cross-country routes on a regular basis. Your vehicle will take roughly two weeks in getting from New York City to Seattle, where your vehicle will then be dropped off at the port on the west coast.

Anchorage 2From there, your vehicle will be loaded onto a ship and transported to the port at Anchorage, where you will have to pick it up. The bulk of a shipment from New York City to Anchorage will be in the cross-country trek, but it’ll also take about two weeks to get your vehicle shipped up to Anchorage. It’s a long process, roughly 3-5 weeks all told, and it’s going to cost quite a bit more than it would just shipping coast-to-coast. Shipping from Seattle to Anchorage runs roughly a thousand dollars, and it’ll be another thousand or better to ship to Seattle, but if you need a vehicle up in Anchorage, it’s the best (and most cost-effective way) of doing it. For free transportation quotes, fill out our free form or give us a call, and get the best quotes from the best companies that ship up to Anchorage.

Auto Shipping FAQ: How Can I Quicken my Auto Transport?

Champaign 1The auto transport industry is slow. It takes days and days to do really anything, whether it’s finding a carrier, having your vehicle picked up, or having it transported, and some of the most commonly asked questions revolve around speeding things up. To give you a good reference, when you book your order with a transport company you’re going to be waiting at least a few days for them to dispatch your vehicle to a carrier. It can take anywhere from 1-7 days for this to happen, with the average being 2-4. It’ll take another 3-5 days to get your vehicle actually picked up, and that’s if things go according to plan. Then it’ll take another chunk of time to actually ship it, and if you’re going coast-to-coast it could take up to two weeks.

There’s a reason the auto transport industry works like this: it’s the only way it really can work. Auto shippers can only drive for so long, for so far, and only so fast, so on average they only manage 350-450 miles per day. And they can’t really drive any faster than that. So right there, that’s one thing that you literally have no control over. Transit time is going to be different on every route, but it’s something that you cannot control. Expedited shipping can get your vehicle picked up in a day or two, and that’s probably your best way to make your shipment go faster. But it’s not foolproof; sometimes even expedited services, which cost a lot more than standard shipping services, can’t get your car picked up as quick as you need to. And that’s something you need to be prepared for.

Expedited shipping works in most areas, even though it costs a lot. But auto transport takes time from pickup to delivery, and you need to be prepared to wait. If you’re strapped for time, or you need your car picked up/delivered at a certain time, give yourself at least a week, if not two, to book your order and get your shipping company to actually handle the pickup for you. If you need to get ahold of someone, give us a call or fill out our free online form and you’ll get multiple quotes from reputable and reliable auto transportation companies that can handle all the things you need handled for great rates and with good service.

Across the Map: Utah Auto Transport Services

Utah 3Utah is a U.S. state situated in the Mountain West area of the country. Home to over 2.9 million residents, Utah ranks 33rd in the country in total population yet 13th in total area. Roughly 80% of Utah’s population lives in or around Salt Lake City, the largest in the state. Utah is a popular state for outdoor recreation activities and tourism, and because of its location, size, and lack of major metropolitan areas outside Salt Lake City, the region has become a major transportation and distribution hub. Education, information technology, scientific research, government and military, finance, banking, retail and agriculture all play major roles in the state’s economy, and you can read more about Utah via the state’s official website. Learn more about Utah here.

Though the Salt Lake City area is huge, there are relatively few ways for auto transporters to get into or out of most of Utah, as there are only two major routes through it, despite there being multiple interstate highways, and all of them run through Salt Lake City except I-70, which branches off of the north-south running I-15 a few hundred miles south of the metro area. The main east-west route through Utah is I-80, which runs from coast-to-coast (or close enough) and connects San Francisco with many major Midwest west cities all the way east to New Jersey. I-15 is the main north-south interstate, also running through Salt Lake City, and connects the states directly north and south of Utah together.

On the whole, transporting a vehicle to or from Utah is going to be more expensive per-mile than other routes of a similar distance because outside of Salt Lake it’s pretty sparse. Plus, not a lot of people are actively shipping vehicles in or out of Utah. It happens, of course – in a state with a population of close to three million residents, there’s going to be traffic in and out every single day. But on the whole, transportation services to or from Utah don’t happen all that frequently, and there are other (read: better) routes out there that can make a carrier more money. If you need transportation services into Utah, it’s not like it’ll never happen – it’ll most certainly happen, but it may take a bit longer and cost a bit more than what the average is. For free auto transport quotes, fill out our free online quote request form or give us a call, and you can also read more about shipping to or from Utah here.

Vehicle Shipping Services to Baltimore

Baltimore 2Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland. Home to over 621,000 as of the most recent estimates, Baltimore is a major port and one of the main international auto transportation hubs on the east coast. Its location made it a prime immigration center during its formative years, and its large port allowed manufacturing to thrive, thanks to an abundance of distribution methods. Baltimore’s growth began to slow after World War II, and by the 1980′s the manufacturing sector had shrunk severely, as many manufacturing-based cities did during the time. Deindustrialization hit the city hard; today, the economy of Baltimore has shifted to a service-based economy, largely in the medical and sciences industries. Baltimore is an independent city; it does not form a part of Baltimore County, though the county does surround the city. You can learn more about Baltimore here.

Baltimore is located forty miles northeast of Washington, DC, and is linked by a variety of smaller suburbs and interstates, including I-95, one of the most prominent and important north-south interstates in the United States. I-95, in particular, is so popular among auto transporters because it connects some of the largest cities in the entire country together in one long line, meaning they don’t have to complicate their routes with numerous different roads and ways of getting around – they can just stay on one interstate from Miami to Maine, and hit so many major cities in between. Areas such as Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Providence and Boston are all easily accessible from the same road.

When you’re searching for auto transport services, you need to understand that auto shippers are all about convenience. They don’t take complicated shipments unless they’re adequately compensated, and easy money is always what they’re after. That’s why transporting to or from major metro areas generally tends to save you money – it’s easier to deliver a vehicle to a city if four other people are also going there, as carriers can collect multiple payments in one stop, then find new loads just as quickly. That’s why I-95 is so popular – so many people shipping to or from those areas makes it easy. This is why prices to Baltimore should be fairly competitive, particularly if you’re shipping to another area along I-95 or one of the other auxiliary interstates that run through it. You can also learn more about shipping to or from Baltimore via our helpful article on the subject.

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