American Auto Shipping LogoThe auto transport industry isn’t all sunshine and daisies when you’re trying to ship a vehicle. It’s expensive and can be difficult to accomplish depending on the company that you hire to ship your vehicle, which is why you should always do your homework on who you’re planning on hiring to ship your vehicle. Like any rational and thinking human being, you want to know who you’re going to be doing business with before you actually do business with them, and you need to ensure that their business practices line up with what you expect out of them. This requires some work on your part, most of it incredibly simple, all things considered. Come auto transport time, here’s the most important information you need to gather about your prospective car shipping companies.

The very first thing you want to do is get quotes from as many different companies as possible. You really should create a separate email address just for auto transport quotes, then go from site to site asking companies for quotes or filling out online quote request forms. Start about two weeks out from the day you need your car picked up – three if you’re living in some rural area and four if you’re living in literally the middle of nowhere. You want to gather as many quotes as you can before you start really digging into who those companies are, so make sure to spend some time getting different prices and gathering quotes from as many different sources as possible.

From there, you need to choose a company to transport your vehicle for you. You can use whatever criteria you want to make a decision on which auto transport company is right for you, but there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. Look at how long they’ve been in business – you can easily do this via Transport Reviews, which we’ve discussed before on this website. Transport Reviews keeps track of when companies first signed on with them, and for many it’s been years since they first appeared on the review website. While you’re there, make sure to read reviews – an older company with lots of glowing reviews is probably one of the best companies out there.

Write everything down. From the name of the person you speak to, to the quote request number that the company gives you, who you speak to and what you talk about, record everything. It’s important to have a record of who you’ve dealt with and what was discussed, mainly because there’s a lot going on in an auto transport company and you won’t always be able to speak to your specific representative. Anyone in a brokerage can answer questions and look at your order, but if the notes that your rep puts in there about discussions and goings on with your order are spotty, anyone else is going to have a hard time figuring it out and will have to rely on hearsay from you or their coworkers. Save everyone time and hassle by recording what you talked about with your representative any time you discuss your shipment with them. Write down details, such as dates and names, and it’s a great idea to have a separate notebook dedicated to auto transport information.

If you need quotes, make sure to fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. It’s completely free and gets you up to ten free quotes from some of the best auto transport companies in the industry. The quotes you get come completely free of charge and we clear all our advertisers for reliability ahead of time, which means we make sure they are all fully licensed, bonded and insured. If you have further questions or concerns about how we operate, our practices and policies or just more information about the auto transport industry, make sure to give us a call at our toll-free telephone number, 800-930-7417, to speak to one of our live agents. They can answer your questions, give friendly advice and help you get your free quotes absolutely free, so fill out our free form or give us a call today to find out what American Auto Shipping can do for you.

Moving 5Shipping someone’s worldly possessions from one part of the United States to another is anything but easy. Logistically it can be an absolute nightmare if you’re unsure of what you’re doing or if you’ve never done it before. This is why asking questions, gathering information and understanding what you’re about to embark upon is important, and why we’re writing this blog post today. There are two different types of household goods transportation services available to most individuals today and that are most heavily advertised by household movers. These two services are known as full-service and self-service household goods moving, and they differ greatly from one another.

To start, full-service household moving services are when the company that you hire to pick your vehicle up packs all your items for you in addition to loading them onto their truck and driving them to their destination. Full-service is much more expensive than self-service, which we’ll discuss in just a minute, because of the fact that the moving company is having to do more work than is actually necessary in order to give you a better moving experience. Full-service moving is perfect for people who lead busy lives and can’t devote all the time necessary to properly packing and securing boxes. You will need to do some prep-work ahead of time, but your shipping company will be able to explain what you will need to do to ensure expedient packing and loading times.

Self-service household moving services require you to pack all your boxes yourself, and most moving companies will have you pack the truck as well, while the moving company will physically transport your goods in their truck. Self service moving is cheaper than full-service moving because you do much of the work yourself. Many people choose the self-service option for one of several reasons, namely the fact that it’s cheaper but also because it gives you more control over what is packed where, how it’s packed, and you ultimately put less responsibility on the moving company itself. All these tend to lead to cheaper services.

But which is better? Well, it depends heavily on your budget, and what you’re looking for out of a household moving company. The choice is yours, and you can often get prices for both services from a moving company before you settle on one or the other, and there may be other options available on a company-to-company basis. The key here is to shop around in order to find a company that fits what exactly you’re trying to do and that can fit your budget. Household moving is expensive, so you’ll want to start getting quotes at least two months out – household moving prices fluctuate less than auto transport quotes, so you can get moving quotes further out without worrying about the price changing drastically.

You should also aim to look at multiple shipping companies in order to compare prices and services, and the best way to do that is to visit our Household Moving Articles section and fill out the free household moving quote request form located in the left sidebar. It’s easy to use and everything you need to submit is right there on the form you’ll see, and you’ll get multiple household moving quotes emailed to you within the hour. You can also fill out our free auto transport quote request form and select “yes” under the household moving option on the second page, and get both auto transport and household moving quotes emailed to you within the hour. If you need further help, or still have questions you need answered, give us a call at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents today.

Johnson City 1Johnson City is a city located in Washington County, Tennessee, though portions of the city also extend into neighboring Carter and Sullivan counties. Home to a population of over 65,000 residents, Johnson City is the ninth-largest city in the state of Tennessee and anchors the Johnson City, TN Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is home to over 200,000 residents and spans three counties. The Johnson City Metropolitan Statistical Area is in turn part of the larger Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol Combined Statistical Area, known colloquially as the “Tri-Cities” area and home to over 500,000 residents.

The Johnson City Metropolitan Statistical Area isn’t the most popular of areas for auto transporters to run routes into and out of, mainly because of its size. Auto transport companies prefer to run routes into and out of areas that are home to millions of people, as that’s where most of their customers are going and where their highest odds of finding new customers lie. This makes it more difficult for auto transport representatives to find carriers willing to ship into or out of Johnson City at the same rates as other routes of a similar distance. Money talks in the car shipping industry, and when you’re shipping into or out of Johnson City you should be prepared to pay higher prices as a result.

It doesn’t help that the only two interstates that run through Johnson City are I-26 and I-81. While interstates are a major boon to any city, and are extremely helpful when it comes to finding carriers willing to run a route between two different cities, it kind of depends on what interstates are servicing what area, and interstate highways are much more heavily traveled than others. I-81 and I-26 are not incredibly popular highways; they wind through mostly rural areas and small towns and cities, and aren’t altogether that long to begin with, so the carrier won’t be traveling along it for too long. This usually results in higher prices and longer pickup and transit times.

Johnson City’s peculiar geographical characteristics make it’s climate more of a factor when shipping to or from the area than others. For starters, Johnson City sits just west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which makes it more difficult to get into and out of particularly on east-west routes. But more than that, much of the rain that falls in eastern Tennessee gets dumped on Johnson City and the surrounding area, and come winter snow is fairly common, with upwards of five inches per month on average falling in the city. This can disrupt auto transport services to and from Johnson City, so if you’re shipping during the winter season you may want to discuss the impact the weather may have on your shipment with a qualified representative.

For more information on Johnson City, or for free auto transport quotes to ship to or from Johnson City (or anywhere else in the U.S., for that matter), make sure to fill out our free online quote request form. It takes just a minute or two and will net you multiple free quotes from top-rated auto transport companies and will get you in contact with representatives thereof in order to discuss your shipment, its price, carrier availability, and much more. All our shippers are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and we make sure of that ahead of time so you get only the best rates from the best in the business. If you have further questions or need additional help or advice, feel free to call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents today.

Overseas 2Overseas auto transport is, in a nutshell, when you ship a vehicle over the ocean, as opposed to overland. Overland transportation services are usually done by an auto transport truck, either of the open or enclosed variety, but sometimes overland transportation requires other methods such as flatbed transportation or even auto transport by rail, if it’s available on the route – there are multiple methods of shipping a vehicle overland, but only one method to ship overseas, and that method is via an overseas cargo ship. Typically, vehicles shipped overseas will be secured in a cargo container or in the hold of one of those massive cargo ships that you often see with decks stacked high with containers. These ships are the largest and fastest when it comes to commercial transportation services, and they haul a plethora of different goods for many different companies across many different industries. With American Auto Shipping, you can get overseas auto transport services to Alaska, Hawaii and most outlying inhabited U.S. territories. Read below for more on each. Unfortunately, we cannot transport vehicles to other countries.

Auto Transport to Hawaii
Hawaii is the only island state in the United States, so getting there will require overseas auto transport services. When shipping to Hawaii, your vehicle will be picked up wherever in the U.S. it is and then transported via an overland transport truck to the port in Long Beach or Los Angeles, depending on which port your overseas shipper is located at. From there it will be loaded onto a cargo ship and taken overseas to the port in Hawaii, typically Honolulu but it can also be somewhere else in the island chain.

Auto Transport to Alaska
Shipping a vehicle to Alaska works much the same way as shipping to Hawaii in that you can get your auto transport company to find a carrier and pick your vehicle up anywhere in the country to haul it to the port. Instead of going to a port in California, shipments to Alaska will go to a port in Washington State, usually up in Seattle or Tacoma, depending on who you book with and who ships your vehicle. Most shipments to Alaska are taken to the port in Anchorage, though Fairbanks and Juneau are also options as well.

Auto Transport to Outlying U.S. Territories
The United States owns several territories but auto transport services are not available to all of them. The U.S. owns a lot of different territories, but only five are inhabited: Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa and the Northern Marianas Islands. Fortunately, we can get you quotes to ship to all five, or at the least the capitals thereof. While not all our shippers will offer services to outlying U.S. territories, which means you may only get three or four quotes from different shippers instead of up to ten, you can fill out our free quote form to get quotes to ship to any inhabited outlying U.S. territory via our free online quote form.

If you have further questions or concerns about overseas auto transport services or where exactly you can get quotes to ship to or from, make sure to give us a call at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents. A quick phone call can get you information on shipping a vehicle from and to anywhere in the United States, including outlying territories and Alaska and Hawaii, and you can get the full scoop via our helpful professionals. Of course, you can always take matters into your own hands and fill out our free online quote form yourself. If you do, you’ll get multiple quotes from top-rated auto transport companies that we pre-screen for reliability ahead of time, so you know you’re only dealing with the best in the industry.

Fast Auto Transport ServicesThe auto transport industry is a small industry. Some would call it “niche”. But in reality auto transport services are vitally important for many different people and for many different businesses. Thousands upon thousands of people are looking for car shipping services every single day, and demand is high for services. Many customers are somewhat in the know about different types of services that are available when shipping a vehicle, the most common being the standard pickup window for door to door service on an open auto shipping carrier. Open transporters are the most common on the road, and most auto shippers will use the price for open auto transport services as the foundation of the prices that they send to their customers.

Other options aside from the standard exist, of course. You can opt for enclosed transportation services instead of open, or terminal to terminal shipping instead of door to door. Then there’s the pickup window, and just like everything else you have options in terms of how quickly you can get your vehicle picked up. As mentioned, you can book your order and opt to have it picked up within the standard pickup window, which varies from route to route and generally is anywhere from 1-10 days from the day you book. Then again, you could select expedited auto transport services, which tend to get your vehicle picked up within 24-48 hours (72 hours on really unpopular routes) of the date you book.

Expedited shipping services come with a caveat, though, one that you really need to understand. The caveat? Expedited shipping is a helluva lot more expensive than your typical auto transport timetable. and there’s good reason for that, namely the fact that shipping a vehicle isn’t like ordering a cheeseburger and it’s something you can just whimsically do at the drop of a hat. You need to plan, in other words, and going in half-cocked and “winging it” isn’t a very sound strategy in most life situations. Unfortunately, this is why expedited shipping services exist – because too many people like to toss the rulebook out the window and fly by the seat of their pants.

In the car shipping world, there are consequences for this, and those consequences basically boil down to “you’re going to pay a lot more money. Like…a LOT.” Expedited shipping services are much more expensive than standard shipping windows because of how disruptive they are. Auto transport companies usually require 1-2 weeks of lead time when scheduling loads, because that one week of lead time is usually reserved for getting to you. It’s hard enough to coordinate the transportation of a single vehicle across thousands of miles, let alone upwards of ten at a single time. Scheduling is important because of how many different loads are available and how many cars carriers tend to ship, and it can have a major impact on your price.

Expedited shipping puts a real strain on all the people involved in getting your vehicle shipped, and more often than not the more money that you offer for expedited services the better the experience. There are some areas that will never see expedited shipping services, so make sure that you understand the nuances of where you’re shipping to and from. Expedited auto transport services depend on how fast a car transport truck can get to you, and there are some areas that auto shippers tend to avoid more than others. Expedited shipping works best between major metropolitan areas along major interstate highways.

For more information about shipping a vehicle via expedited services, make sure to fill out our free online quote request form. If you do, you’ll receive multiple free shipping quotes in your email over the next hour, and all from top-rated auto transport companies that we clear for reliability ahead of time, giving you peace of mind and a sound footing when first taking the step toward getting a vehicle shipped. Questions or concerns? Give us a call at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions and help you get your free quotes today.