Household Goods Moving FAQ: How Does Household Moving Insurance Work?

Moving 1Household moving companies, on the whole, do not offer what we typically would consider insurance. Instead, they offer what is called “valuation” and while it functions much the same way as insurance, it’s governed by a different set of rules than insurance is, and that usually means less coverage for your household goods while they are in transit or being loaded and unloaded. Typically, valuation places a price-per-pound value on all your goods, and it is based at $0.60/pound. Therefore, if you’re shipping 10,000 pounds worth of stuff – which is quite a lot of stuff, much more than a standard 2-3 bedroom home would contain – the total valuation of your goods would be $6,000, as 10,000 x 0.60 = 6,000. Realistically, 10,000 pounds of household items is usually worth about $60,000, or roughly $10/pound.

When you speak to a household moving company and ask them if they offer insurance, they will most likely say “yes,” because valuation is technically a type of insurance even if it’s cheap and petty and doesn’t cover your items for their actual value. This is why there are companies out there that provide separate moving insurance, and why more recent homeowner policies with certain insurance companies cover your items in the event of a move – but not all of them. You should talk with your insurance agent about your homeowner’s policy to see if damage sustained during a household move is covered separately from the valuation that the moving company gave you.

Most moving companies today will offer a separate insurance package, which is generally an extra cost above your household moving price, to better cover the loss of your items in the event of a catastrophe. Different companies offer different policies at different rates with different levels of protection, so it’s wise to speak to a live agent to get the best information you can regarding insuring your household goods. As mentioned, you can also do a quick web search for household moving insurance, and find independent insurance companies that can insure your goods during a move.

It’s up to you how you approach it, but something you definitely should do before anything is get some free household moving quotes to get you started. You can do that right here on American Auto Shipping – just visit our household moving articles page, and on the left side you’ll see our unique household goods moving quote request form. It differs from our auto transport form in that your information will be sent to household moving companies instead of auto transport ones, and they’ll e-mail you your quotes within about an hour.

If you’re shipping a vehicle and need some household moving quotes on the side, you can kill two birds with one stone by filling out our free online auto transport quote request form on the left and select the option to also receive household moving quotes in addition to your auto transport quotes. It’s literally a button on the contact portion of the form, and if you do you’ll have an option to select how large your move is. You don’t need to be exact; just estimate, because once you get your quotes you’ll hammer down all the details with whichever household moving company you select. If you have questions, you can call us any time at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions and help you get your free quotes.

Car Transport to Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu 3Honolulu is a city in as well as the county seat of the City and County of Honolulu, a consolidated city-county on the U.S. island State of Hawaii. The consolidated city-county of Honolulu is home to a population of over 953,000, while Honolulu proper is home to over 357,000 residents. Honolulu has been the capital of the Hawaiian Islands since 1845 and rose to prominence the world over after the attacks on Pearl Harbor during World War II. Because Hawaii is an island state, and far removed from the mainland United States, the island has evolved much differently than the rest of the United States, with a large emphasis on local history and culture and a personal identity that is much different than what many people in the country are used to. This makes Honolulu a more exotic area, which makes it more popular for tourists; today, Honolulu’s main industry is tourism, which rakes in millions upon millions of dollars every year.

When shipping to or from Honolulu there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind, and one of the major ones is the price. Shipping to Honolulu is not cheap because it requires overseas auto transport services, since there are no overland routes to Hawaii, and if you’ve ever shipped a package internationally you’ll understand that shipping a vehicle overseas is going to be expensive, and a lot more so than shipping a package with USPS. It is also time-consuming; on average it takes three weeks to ship to or from Hawaii, from start to finish, and some can take longer depending on departure schedules at the port. This is why we recommend speaking to a live company that can help you figure out all the details that come with shipping a vehicle to Honolulu.

If you need to get a hold of someone, you can fill out our free online quote request form and get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you within about an hour from reputable, reliable auto transportation companies, many of which can arrange transportation to or from Hawaii for you. You can also call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents; they can help you get your free quotes, as well as give you friendly advice and help on shipping to and from Honolulu and they can also answer any questions that you may have regarding the shipping of a vehicle to or from anywhere in the U.S., including Hawaii.

Common Alternative Methods to Standard Auto Shipping

Drive Away 1Most vehicles that are shipped via an auto transporter are shipped via an open auto shipping truck, which are pretty common on the road today – you often seen them hauling new cars to dealerships along major interstate highways. Open auto shipping, the method we just described above, is the most common method of shipping in the industry today, and the vast majority of auto transport companies that operate trucks operate open car haulers – so much so that open transportation services are considered the standard in the industry. However, there are some alternative methods to open auto transportation, and it’s not a bad idea to get a good idea of what you’re looking at with the different types of carriers. We are going to preface this by stating that open auto transport makes up a good 80-90% of the auto shipping trucks on the road today, though, which means that while these methods may exist, they may not be available to and from everywhere in the U.S.

1. Enclosed Auto Transport
Enclosed auto transportation is probably the second-most common method of shipping, after open auto transport, and enough companies offer it that we can get you multiple separate quotes from companies that specialize in enclosed shipping. Enclosed auto transport is great because it protects vehicles from inclement weather and harmful road debris, but it’s a lot more expensive than open transport and oftentimes not worth the cost for the vehicle that’s being shipped. You’ll want to discuss shipping your vehicle on an enclosed carrier with an auto transport professional, as they’re the ones that will ultimately let you know if your vehicle needs enclosed shipping services, or if open transport will be just fine.

2. Auto Transport by Rail
This is a method that we have a lot of people ask about, and it’s really not that surprising. The railroads today might be taking a backseat to overland transportation, but they’re still very much alive and a viable shipping option for many companies. However, auto shipping by rail has gone the way of the dodo in recent years, namely because of the advantages that come with an open auto transport truck as opposed to a big train. For one, overland transport trucks can get many places railroads can’t; they offer drivers more flexibility in the routes they choose and customers more flexibility in pickup and delivery dates as well as pickup and delivery locations. Auto transport by rail is available today on only a select few routes, with the rest being serviced by transport trucks.

3. Drive-Away Auto Transportation
This is a method we detailed not that long ago, and what we said then still holds true today: it’s not a popular method of shipping and there are virtually no auto shipping companies that offer drive-away services. Drive-away is kind of a sketchy proposition; it’s literally hiring someone to drive your vehicle for you, and they’re rarely bonded and insured the way an actual auto transport company will be. Drive-away can be nice if you have a friend who’s driving back to Texas and, since you need to get your car there anyway, can easily help you kill two birds with one stone; other than that, though, it’s a fringe option at this point.

If you want more information about various methods of auto transportation in the industry today, you should give us a call at 800-930-7417. We have live representatives standing by who can answer your questions as well as help you get free auto transport quotes from reputable and reliable auto shipping companies. You can also fill out our free online quote request form yourself and get those quotes sent directly to you, without having to call us at all. We’re available almost 24/7 to answer questions and help you get your quotes, so why not call and see what American Auto Shipping can do for you.

Auto Transport by the Season – Understanding How it All Works

Winter 1When you’re looking to ship a vehicle, what season you’re shipping in can have a surprising effect on your overall price. It’s nothing that you can control, unfortunately – auto transportation by its very nature is a seasonal industry, with peak times coming during the spring and summer months and the slower times of the year coming in the fall and winter. Much of this has to do with inclement weather and customer demand; during the winter, many northern routes become more treacherous, and less people overall tend to want to ship their vehicles in the winter when it’s cold and dreary in many parts of the U.S.

What this means is that prices along all the different routes can radically change in base price as the seasons pass. Auto transporters naturally prefer running routes into and out of major metropolitan areas as that is where their largest customer bases tend to be, but customer demand can affect the popularity of routes, and therefore carrier availability and price. During the summer months, for instance, a lot of people tend to ship to Los Angeles and other areas of Southern California; such an influx of customers is great for shippers, but it can create backlogs that can cause prices to increase along the route as carriers can essentially cherry-pick the best loads, which usually means they’ll take the highest-priced shipments along the easiest routes they can.

Fast forward just a few months, however, and everything changes. During the fall and winter months, some areas still see logjams, particularly in Florida and Texas, but other areas see price drops because they’re popular summer routes but not necessarily popular winter routes. This includes Southern California more often than not; less people tend to move to the area in the winter months, but it’s still a popular destination for customers, with easily-traveled routes in and out which makes it more popular for auto shippers. But because there are fewer people going into the area in the winter, carriers can’t cherry-pick, but rather have to take what they can get, which usually means lower prices.

There are areas like this all across the country, and as it’s constantly changing it’s hard to pinpoint where the best rates are going to be, what routes are going to be in-demand for a given day or week and also where the carriers are going to be in the next few weeks. If you want, you can get multiple free auto transport quotes e-mailed to you within about an hour by filling out our free online quote request form. It’s fast and easy, and gets you in contact with multiple highly-rated auto transport companies that we pre-screen for reliability to ensure high quality and customer service. You can also contact us at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can also answer some basic auto transport questions and help you get your free quotes today.

Auto Transport to Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor 1Ann Arbor is a city in as well as the county seat of Washtenaw County, Michigan, and is currently home to a population of over 113,900 residents, making it the sixth-largest city in the entire state. Ann Arbor anchors the larger Ann Arbor, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area, home to over 334,000 residents and a part of the larger Detroit-Flint-Ann Arbor Combined Statistical Area. Founded in 1824, Ann Arbor today is a major college town, as it is the home of the University of Michigan, which employs over 30,000 people and has a profound impact on Ann Arbor’s economy, though its economy is quite diverse for a city of its size. Technology, in addition to education, retail and other service-based industries, is a major component of Ann Arbor’s economy, and the city today is known for its left-wing tendencies and upbeat way of life.

Auto shipping to Ann Arbor is made easier by the fact that the city sits just west of Detroit, the largest city in the state of Michigan and a popular auto transport location in the Great Lakes region, and also the fact that it sits along Interstate 94, a major east-west route through the region that runs smack into Detroit. This allows auto shippers easy access to Ann Arbor and other major metropolitan areas on either side of it, which generally means lower prices for you when shipping to or from Ann Arbor.

However, the city is located in Michigan, which is not the most popular area for auto shippers because of the fact it sits in the Great Lakes region. It’s situated in the far northern Midwest, which makes it more difficult for auto transport companies to easily run profitable routes through the area. Part of this has to do with the lower popularity of the Great Lakes region, at least in terms of auto transport; while Detroit may be where the Big Three automakers are, from a commercial standpoint there aren’t a lot of people moving in and out of the area on a routine basis. This makes planning routes harder for carriers, which can impact their wallet in a negative way.

On the whole, though, Ann Arbor is not impossible to get to or from; it just takes the right price and the right carrier, and you can find all that when you fill out our free online quote request form. It’s fast and easy, and gets you in contact with some of the best auto transport companies in the industry. We clear all our advertisers for reliability, which means we make sure they are all fully licensed, bonded and insured, and also that they are highly rated with the BBB, among other reputable review sites. You can also call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions and help you get your free quotes.

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