Household Moving Tips to Seattle

Seattle 1Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington and a major port city in the state. It is the fastest growing city in the United States by population and the largest city in the entire Pacific Northwest, and has a total population of over 652,000 while anchoring a metropolitan area of over 3.6 million residents. Founded in 1853, Seattle grew primarily on the back of the logging industry, with abundant trees and other natural resources helping the city to establish itself as a major supplier of raw materials. By the turn of the 20th century, Seattle had become a major port on the west coast and also a major shipbuilding city. The Great Depression hampered growth for a time, but renewed interest in the area during and after World War II helped Seattle thrive once again. Read more about the city at Seattle’s official website.

As a major city founded before the adoption of personal vehicles as the primary mode of transportation, many of Seattle’s inner districts, particularly the downtown core, have restrictions on larger vehicles going in and out, and this includes interstate moving vans. Interstate moving vans are often giant 18-wheel, 53′ semi-trucks that haul multiple loads around at a time. You’ve likely seen them – or trucks just like them – on the freeways and roads that you frequently travel. These trucks are massive, and as such often are either not allowed in the cramped areas of the city due to local ordinance or else simply cannot fit due to the constricting nature of the roads they are required to travel to. If your interstate moving van cannot physically get to your drop off location within Seattle, your moving company will have to contract with a local hauler to pick your goods up from the moving van, transfer them to smaller, in-city trucks, which will then transfer your goods to your new home.

This is typically done via a depot. Interstate movers will drop off your goods at the nearest depot that the moving company they contract with controls, where they will then be transferred to the smaller trucks for transport to the delivery location. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the location of the depot, how much stuff you’re moving, and where the delivery location is, and will likely cost you a bit more money – but there’s little to be done for that, considering that the moving truck can’t get to your door at all. If you’re interested in getting free household moving quotes to or from Seattle, there are several ways to go about it. For starters, if you’re shipping a vehicle as well as your household goods, you can simply fill out our free online auto transport quote request form and get multiple household goods moving quotes e-mailed to you alongside your auto transport quotes. If you’re not looking for car shipping quotes, you can visit this page; there you’ll find more helpful information on household goods transportation as well as our specialized household goods moving quote request form, which is designed specifically for household moves and not auto transportation. You can also call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, if you’d like – they can answer your questions and help you get on the right track.

Auto Shipping to Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha 1Kenosha is the largest city in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, and the fourth-largest by population in the entire state. Located in far-southeastern Wisconsin, it is near the Chicago Metropolitan Area and sits on the western shores of Lake Michigan. It is the fourth-largest city to sit directly adjacent to Lake Michigan, with the others being Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; and Green Bay, WI, respectively. Kenosha first started as early as 1835, when the first settlers to the area began to construct the most rudimentary forms of a settlement. Kenosha over the years grew into a rather important shipping port on the Great Lakes, and by 1850 the name “Kenosha” had been decided upon as the permanent name for the settlement. During the 20th century Kenosha continued to grow, and the automotive industry came to the area during the early 20th century. Kenosha’s plants have built millions of automobiles, though today automobile manufacturing has long since left the town. Read more about Kenosha here.

As a major manufacturing hub for AMC and, later, Chrysler, Kenosha needed ways to transport automobiles out of the factories; as a result, the city sits right along Interstate 94, a major east -west interstate that runs north-south through the city (which can confuse visitors to the area). Rail transportation also runs through the area as do several smaller, state highways – what all this means is that auto transportation to and from the area is decidedly common, albeit more difficult for individuals now that the city no longer has major automobile manufacturing plants within the city limits. Summer shipping is generally easier, as the weather is nicer and more favorable with auto transportation companies; during the winter months the snows tend to hit Kenosha rather hard, as it sits right on the shores of Lake Michigan, which can affect auto transportation pricing and general availability of carriers into and out of the area.

All that being said, Kenosha sits just two hours north of Chicago, making it a lot easier for auto transporters to get there considering that Chicago is one of the largest auto transport hubs in the Great Lakes region – and, indeed, in the entire United States. Many auto shippers run routes to and from Chicago due to the high amount of customers in the area, so running routes to Kenosha and even further north – for the right price – isn’t all that uncommon. Still, depending on who is where when you’re searching for auto transport services, it may be easier to pick up or deliver your vehicle to your shipper somewhere in the greater Chicago area, which may result in you having to drive a little bit – but could also conceivably save you hundreds on your shipment. If you’re interested in getting quotes to or from Kenosha, you can fill out our free online quote request form and get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you within the hour, and you can always call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our agents if you have questions about the route, the city, or simply need some help navigating our website.

The Best Way to Find an Auto Transport Company

American Auto Shipping LogoWhen first starting your search for an auto shipping company you need to keep in mind how exactly you’re going to go about it. There are a few different ways that you can conduct your search, but unlike trying to find a local plumber, you’re trying to find a company that can handle interstate transportation of a vehicle, which is decidedly more difficult. Therefore, looking in something like the Yellow Pages probably isn’t the best option for you. Really, when you’re trying to find a shipping company, the best way to go about it will be to search online, typically using a search engine such as Google to help you narrow down your search and find someone who is credible. Terms such as “auto shipping,” “car transport,” and “vehicle shippers” are great starting points, because they give you immediate access to nationwide auto transportation companies within seconds. But from there, how do you narrow down your search? There are going to be thousands upon thousands of results – the search for “auto transport” on Google yields about 58.9 million different results, so you’ll likely want to start at the very top and stay there.

Usually when you do a search you’ll find a good mix of different shipping companies, and calling them all up or filling out their quote request forms is a good idea. By getting free quotes (and everyone in the car shipping industry gives out quotes for free – if you have to pay for a quote they’re likely scamming you) you increase how many bids you can choose between and widen your search to see a whole host of different prices within a range. Often times you can skip a lot of that hassle by finding one company that gets you multiple quotes at once – this saves you time and can get you in contact with a lot of companies that have smaller advertising budgets, which can harm them when it comes to getting to the top of the charts on various search engines. By using a quote provider, much like us, you not only get multiple free quotes quickly and save time filling out quote request forms, but you also help out smaller companies that rely on those providers for advertising – in such a cutthroat world as auto transportation, shipping companies that rely on quote providers really appreciate you using them.

And really, it’s just common sense. Why spend hours getting quotes from individual companies ten or twenty pages down the search list when you can fill out one form from a company at the top of the charts and get all those quotes within minutes or hours? As a quote provider, we at American Auto Shipping not only get you free quotes from different shippers, but we also make sure that all our shippers are highly rated and fully insured and bonded, which means you don’t have to worry about the companies you get quotes from being scam artists. Don’t believe us? We have over 800 pages on our website dedicated to helping our customers, and our website – the one you’re on right now – is over fifteen years old. Scam companies rarely make it through a season, let alone a decade and a half. We have some of the best reviews and ratings on the internet as a result of the way we function. We believe in helping people, because we have no other motive than that – the more customers that fill out the form, the better off we are, and we have no reason to lie about that to visitors. We work hard to give our customers real information about the way the car shipping industry works because honesty and integrity mean something to us. It’s what’s kept us around since 1999, and we’ll keep that formula because, at the end of the day, we benefit from it and – more importantly – you benefit from it.

So if you need free quotes to ship your vehicle, be it within the state or across the country, go ahead and fill out our free online quote request form. You’ll get multiple free auto transport quotes from top-rated shipping companies that we pre-screen and hand-select for reliability for you. We take the hassle out of searching for an auto transporter, and we give you the choice in the matter – you’re free to not choose a single one of the companies that sends you quotes, if you don’t like their prices. We also maintain a fully-functional 800 number in case you have questions or need help with anything. You can call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 and speak to one of our live agents – no navigating automated menus or punching in numbers to get where you want to get to. Just call us and we’ll answer the phone, day or night – it’s what we’re here for.

Americans Agree Infrastructure Needs Fixing, Can’t Agree on How to Pay For It

San Jose 3A few weeks ago, I penned a blog post titled “America’s Crumbling Transportation System and how it Affects Auto Transporters.” The post was a brief, if not compelling, piece designed to raise people’s awareness of just how bad our infrastructure has gotten, since Congress has done little to fix the problems that ail not just auto shippers, but regular motorists like you and me. A failing system of roads across the country is leading to higher rates of accidents, slower delivery times for transportation companies (including car shipping companies), and an increase in damages to existing vehicles, both personal and commercial alike. And while a majority of American believe that this is a problem that needs to be fixed – roughly sixty percent, according to the Detroit Bureau – the question remains: how to actually pay for it.

Federal fuel taxes – 18.4 cents per gallon of gasoline and 24.4 cents per gallon of diesel – haven’t been raised in close to 20 years, and this is in spite of the price hikes that we’ve all been seeing since the turn of the 21st century. Call it greed, call it inflation, call it what you will, but the lack of a federal gas tax increase has led to some stark realizations about our infrastructure, raising questions that are getting harder and harder to handle. Congress managed to pass a new spending bill for the Department of Transportation, which is surprising in and of itself; however, the bill is a stop-gap, more than anything, and this is what has auto transporters worried. Without a concrete spending bill, many areas of the country, particularly California, New York, Florida and Texas – the top-four largest auto transport markets in the country – will likely still see major problems with their own roadways, be they state highways or parts of the Interstate Highway System, even though the DOT just got an additional $10.8 million. The biggest problem is agreeing on how we’re going to pay for repairs and construction of new, updated roadways; many Americans don’t believe that an increase in taxes are the way to go, and one could argue that Congress is just following the will of the people, as ironic as that may sound.

So where will the money come from? Auto shippers are having a harder time getting to where they need to go, as traffic jams and pileups are becoming increasingly common across the country. Traffic leads to idling, and idling wastes fuel, which leads to more stops at the pump to refuel, more money spent in overhead, and in turn higher car transport prices for you and me. This is a problem that definitely needs to be fixed – but how to go about it? Right now, taxes don’t look like the way to go. Some states are turning to private corporations, but that just turns the problem over to someone else, who ultimately will end up billing individual state governments for the work – a problem that might just be like letting out snakes to solve a rodent problem. Will state governments just pile on the debt, this time to private corporations? It’s a problem seemingly without a solution, especially considering that no one wants higher taxes at this point.

Auto transporters and other commercial enterprises that rely on long-haul trucking are seeing some of the biggest problems as a result. Damaged roads can lead to damaged rigs, which can put an auto transport company completely out of business, as many of them are owner-operators. For the companies that operate large fleets, damaged haulers lead to lost revenues and higher costs for maintenance, and in this day and age that’s a bigger problem than in years past. Add onto that the higher prices being paid already for fuel and regular maintenance, and it’s a problem that will only continue to get worse. If you’re looking for auto transport quotes, it might not be a bad idea to get them before the prices start really skyrocketing – you can fill out our free online quote form and get multiple quotes e-mailed to you completely free of charge, and you can always call our toll-free telephone number at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions and also help you navigate our quote form if need be.

Auto Transport to Newark, NJ

Newark 1Newark is the largest city in the state of New Jersey by total population and currently sits as the county seat of Essex County, in northeastern New Jersey. Newark has for years been a major transportation and logistics hub along the eastern seaboard, and after the advent of the airplane a major air transportation hub as well. Home to over 277,000 residents, Newark is the second-largest city in the New York metropolitan area, a surprising feat, and sits just eight miles west of Manhattan, one of the most densely populated boroughs of New York City. Originally founded in 1666, the city was organized into a township in 1693 and was granted a Royal Charter in 1713. Newark grew into a major manufacturing center during the 19th century and played a rather influential role in the Civil War, providing munitions and textiles to both sides of the war. The city saw decline with the loss of many major manufacturing centers during the latter half of the 20th century, though today Newark is slowly rebounding thanks to a more diversified economy and focus on crime prevention. Read more about Newark at the city’s official website.

Newark is, by and large, where most auto transportation companies actually ship to when people are trying to ship to New York City, particularly Manhattan. New York City’s streets are incredibly crowded and congested, as well as narrow, and many areas do not allow larger transport trucks like car shippers to actually enter the city proper. Newark is great because it has three major interstates (I-95, I-78 and I-280) as well as many state routes that run through it, giving auto shippers a plethora of access points depending on where they are coming from. Staying along I-95 is typically what most interstate shippers will do, as it’s the most easily accessible route and can take them all the way into Maine, if they so desire. Newark also has a lot of space for auto transporters to maneuver; as a major industrial center of the eastern seaboard, and with a focus on transportation and logistics in terms of its economy, long-haul truckers tend to have an easier time navigating Newark than many other areas in the New York City metropolitan area.

Because of its status as a major shipping hub and a popular drop-off point for shipments to New York City – which itself is one of the most popular auto transportation locations in the United States – shipping to and from Newark is generally cheaper than to other parts of the metro area. Prices tend to go up during the summer months, but this is nationwide; demand for auto transport services during the summer skyrockets, and this includes demand for shipments into and out of New York. Newark does a good job at handling the influx of customers, but it can raise prices to or from, and during the winter months snow can become an issue, causing dangerous driving conditions that carriers want to try to avoid. This too can raise prices, but Newark often suffers from what is known as the “urban heat effect,” which is where ambient temperatures in cities rise due to buildings being close together. Heat radiates from the buildings and causes temperatures to rise in crowded areas, which can actually help snow melt faster. If you’re interested in getting quotes to ship to or from Newark, fill out our free online quote form; you’ll get 6-8 free quotes from top-rated auto transport companies e-mailed to you within about an hour. And, of course, you can call our toll-free telephone number at 800-930-7417 to speak to a live representative without any hassles, automated menus, or hold music.

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