Across the Map: Oregon Auto Shipping Services

Across the Map: Oregon Auto Shipping ServicesThe state of Oregon is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, south of Washington and north of California, along the Pacific Coast. Home to just under 3.9 million residents, Oregon ranks 27th among the 50 states in total population but its actual size, by total area, ranks 9th. Originally known as Oregon Country and then organized into the Oregon Territory, Oregon was finally admitted as a state in 1859. Oregon was originally settled as a refuge from the ever-growing debate over slavery at the time, but after the end of the Civil War began to transform into a major transportation hub, and the state helped the U.S. expand its overseas trading to areas such as Japan and China. Today, Oregon is known for its dense forests and diverse landscape, with the eastern half of the state made up of high desert and the western portions more forested and wet. For about Oregon, visit the state’s official site.

Oregon is the home of Portland, one of the largest cities on the west coast and the largest between San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington. Portland is a major stopping point for some auto shipping companies, but its geographic isolation and lack of multiple major interstates running through Oregon makes it more difficult for transporters to make a decent buck. While there are many people that are looking for shipping services to and from Oregon, they tend to find that it takes longer, on average, for pickup from or delivery to Oregon due to how far in the northwest it is. Usually car transporters will run routes into California and then reach I-5, a major north-south interstate, in order to run routes up into Oregon and Washington.

It helps that much of Oregon’s major population centers are in the Willamette Valley, a stretch of land in western Oregon which is home to cities such as Salem, Portland, Eugene, and many more. So while Oregon may be isolated geographically from the rest of the country, its population centers are all grouped together, which makes it so much easier for auto transporters to run routes into and out of Oregon. Having all those populated areas close together also makes it more cost effective for carriers, which means more of them are going to be going that way (even if they aren’t staying), and it’ll typically cost a bit less in the long run for you, the customer. If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle to or from the state of Oregon, you can fill out our free online quote request form to get multiple quotes e-mailed to you, and you can also learn more about shipping to or from Oregon via our helpful profile page on the state.

Vehicle Transport Services to Allentown, PA

Vehicle Transport Services to Allentown, PAThe city of Allentown is the county seat of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, and is currently the third-largest city in the state after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Allentown is currently home to over 118,000 residents and is the largest city of the Lehigh Valley metropolitan area, which itself has a population of over 820,000. Allentown for years has been considered the fastest-growing city in the state of Pennsylvania thanks mainly to the boom in service-oriented industries and Allentown’s embracing the wave of deindustrialization that hit Pennsylvania and, really, much of the northern U.S. during the 1970′s and 80′s. Allentown, historically, was a major industrial center in south-central Pennsylvania – today, it is much less so, but the city has weathered the storm much better than many other urban centers in the region. Read more about Allentown via the city’s official website.

Transporting a vehicle to or from Allentown is actually fairly easy. As some of Lehigh County sits in the Great New York area, and the city itself is surrounded by other larger cities in Pennsylvania, auto shippers usually don’t have a hard time going out of the way a few miles to deliver or pick up in Allentown. It’s near Philadelphia, which is a major stop for auto shippers, and is just a hop, skip and a jump away from cities such as Reading, Wilkes-Barre, and even New York City and Harrisburg. These areas are all popular areas in the region for car shippers to run routes to and from, and many of them will be able to quickly get to and from Allentown without spending too much time or fuel going off their established route. Some even run through Allentown on their established routes, which makes it even easier to get to or from the city.

Like most cities in the region it’s in, Allentown sees relatively mild summers (though high temperatures in the depths of the season are not entirely uncommon) and snowy winters, though snow is not always a major factor. Allentown has seen its fair share of winter weather, and this can cause problems for car transporters if there’s a lot of snow on the ground while they’re trying to get into or out of the city. Allentown has also seen a lot of urban development and downtown reconstruction over the past thirty years or so, and as such some areas are a bit more difficult for larger commercial trucks to get in and out of. If your pickup or delivery location is in an area the truck can’t fit into, you’ll likely have to meet the driver at another location that the truck can actually get to – typically a large parking lot off a major highway or something to that effect. Read more about shipping to or from Allentown here.

Auto Transport Quotes: Shipping a Hot Rod

Auto Transport Quotes: Shipping a Hot RodHot rods are cool. Whether you built yours yourself from the ground up, fixed one up, or you have one you plan on fixing up, they’re something special and uniquely American, really. From their varied designs and layouts to the custom paint and the engines under their hoods, hot rods give anyone who owns one a sense of freedom. It incorporates the great qualities of our fathers and grandfathers; rebuilding something that magnificent, with your own hands, is an accomplishment that you can be proud of. And something that fills you with so much pride (because you built it with your own hands) needs to be protected when you’re planning on shipping it.

Whether you’re selling your beloved creation, buying one from someone else, or are buying a junker to fix up, you want to make sure that you take the time to ship it properly. For hot rods that need restoring, open auto transportation should be just fine. It’s the really nice ones that will likely need to be transported via an enclosed auto transport carrier. Open transportation is cheaper, as it’s considered the standard shipping method for most private vehicles, but enclosed transport provides additional protection from the elements and the daily hazards of the road that open transport cannot boast. This makes it ideal for those vehicles that are rare, valuable or difficult to replace or repair. Errant dirt, dust and rocks can cause superficial damage to the exterior of a vehicle, and while significant dings and dents and scratches are rare, even open transport can damage paint that will need to be fixed.

Hot rods are a great thing, and a lot of people enjoy the feeling that comes from fixing them, driving them, and admiring them. Many people ship their hot rods to and from car shows – this is one of the more common reasons why people transport their hot rods. If you’re looking for transportation services to or from a car show, you’ll want to ship enclosed, particularly if you’re going to be showing off your hot rod to thousands of other people. If you’re just looking to transport it from one location to another that’s fine too – you’ll want to discuss your shipping options with your transportation company if that’s the case. Either way, you can fill out our free online quote form to get up to ten free quotes e-mailed to you within the hour. Your information will be sent only to licensed, bonded and insured auto transporters who understand the importance of keeping a vehicle like a hot rod intact and in great shape.

How Making a List Helps with Your Household Move

How Making a List Helps With Your Household MoveWhen it comes to transporting your household goods across the state or across the country, it can be hard to trust an interstate moving company that you’ve never worked with before and only know their reputation based on what you’ve read or heard about them. You don’t know how much it’s going to be or how good a job they’re going to do, which makes reliable reviews that much more helpful. However, when it comes time to actually have them transport your goods or pack them (depending on the type of moving service you chose), there are a few things you can do to ensure that your move goes a bit more smooth. How? Make a list.

Making a list of your goods can help immensely when it comes to organizing, packing and shipping. For starters, keeping a list helps to make an inventory of the things you have, and it can also help you weed out things that you don’t want to ship (and then sell at a garage sale for a bit of profit). This can also help cut down on your moving costs because it cuts down on how much you’re moving in terms of base weight. You’ll also get a good inventory of your items, so that when they go into boxes you know what’s in each box, and when they go on the truck you know what’s on the truck. Come delivery, having a list will help you quickly unpack depending on what’s important, and if you marked the boxes properly (usually a numbering system to go with your list works best), you can easily put the boxes for each specific room in that specific room and unpack more easily – as well as cut down on clutter.

Moving your household goods can be an expensive and time-consuming process, so taking a bit of extra time before you actually pack and move will help immensely. Do your future self a favor and make it easier in the long run. You can also achieve this by filling out our free online moving quote request form, where all you need is some basic information to get multiple free household moving quotes from reputable and reliable household moving companies. We clear all our movers for reliability for you, just like we do our auto transport companies, which means we make sure that your goods are in good hands from the moment you book your order to the moment it’s finally shipped. If you need more information or just need some questions answered, give us a call and speak to one of our live agents.

Auto Transport Tips: Why Overseas Shipping is More Expensive

Auto Transport Tips: Why Overseas Shipping is More ExpensiveIf you’re looking to transport a vehicle from or to Alaska or Hawaii, you’ve probably noticed that the prices you’re getting are fairly high when compared to transportation services within the contiguous U.S. – and if you haven’t started looking for quotes yet, that’s likely what you’ll end up finding. Transporting a vehicle overseas, regardless of where your pickup or delivery locations are, is going to be more expensive for several reasons, but mostly it’s because there are only a handful of companies that even provide overseas transportation services, which means that they have kind of a de facto monopoly over the overseas car transport industry – and if you want your car shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, you’re going to have to go with one of them.

Well, not you specifically. Typically when you’re shipping overseas you’ll book with your shipping company like normal, but what they’ll have to do is find a carrier to either pick your vehicle up and deliver it to the port to be shipped to either Alaska or Hawaii, or else assign a carrier to pick it up at the port when it arrives from Alaska or Hawaii and deliver it to wherever in the contiguous U.S. you want it to go. And that’s really what adds so much to the price, because not only do you have to pay for the broker’s service initially (via a deposit), but you’ll also have to pay for the overland shipping to or from the port and the port-to-port cost when shipping it overseas. This is also why shipping companies that ship overseas will take your payment in full, up-front – they’ll have all the funds on hand to pay all the different shippers that will be transporting your vehicle.

Overseas shipping is more expensive than overland transport, but it would be even more expensive via just about any other method, including private charter ship as well as cargo plane. Most shippers that move vehicles overseas have great deals with the port shippers, which helps save you time and money as opposed to booking with a port shipper directly. If you’re interested in getting multiple free quotes from reputable and reliable shippers to transport your vehicle overseas, you can fill out our free online quote request form and get multiple quotes e-mailed to you within the hour. If you have further questions about overseas transport and why the price is higher than usual, you can call our toll-free telephone number to speak to one of our live agents.

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