Ah, Hawaii. The most beautiful of the 50 states by far. Traveling down to Hawaii is to many people the dream of a lifetime, and it’s no wonder why. With so much to do in Hawaii, where would you start?

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When you fly into Hawaii, the first thing you feel is the beautiful weather. Never too hot, nor too cold, it’s Pacific climate is just so wonderful to feel. Walking down the palm-tree lined streets, with the sun beaming down on your face, it’s hard to not revel in the wonderful feeling. When you walk down the streets of Hawaii, you’ll really see the culture all around you: open fish markets, local jewelry, amazing Hawaiian restaurants.

But when you’re just a tourist, there’s so much more to experience, especially when it’s your first time to the island. Go down to the lagunas that dot the island and snorkel. See the fish swim all around you, coming right up to you as you swim through the pristine blue water. Fish for a little bit, then go back to the hotel room — right on the beach — and curl up with a good book or just sit on the patio and be mesmerized by Hawaii’s beauty.

After your little catnap, you can go into town and visit one of the many art galleries that the island has, plus so many of the tourist shops with their quirky shirts and slogans. Walk around for a bit, talk to some people, then stop for dinner at one of the many restaurants that serve the local food. Order some Ono, or some Pupu, or anything else that you might want to eat.

And then, when you’re done eating there, you can go down to an authentic Hawaiian luau and learn all about the history and heritage that is Hawaii. Sit back with a mai tai and watch as the luau dancers mesmerize you with their beauty, charm, and wonder. Watch as the fire dancers cheat death and turn the night into a shower of red, orange and yellow. Go back to the hotel with a satisfied smile on your face and fall asleep to the sounds of the wind blowing through the lagoon and whipping the palm trees gently.

This idyllic scene is too good to be true, right? Well, if you’re thinking of wanting it all day, every day, you’re gonna need a company to ship your car down there. Because let’s face it, walking is good, but that store three miles away doesn’t let you take their shopping carts. So you’re gonna need to get your car there. And American Auto Shipping can help. By filling out our form online or by calling us at 800-930-7417 you’ll get 10 quotes from ten different american auto shipping companies who will help you get your car to Hawaii hassle-free and for as little as possible.

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