Alabama is a very well-known state, not for its humble origins but rather as a beaming beacon of the traditional southern way of life. If you’re looking for auto transport to Alabama, here are some things you might want to know before heading down there:

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Alabama is known as the “Heart of Dixie,” and for good reason. It’s bordered by Tennessee to the north, while to the east is Georgia, Florida to the south, and Mississippi lies on its western side. Also, for those of you who are interested, Alabama was not only the twenty-second state to join the union, it was also part of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. All the more reason to look for auto transport there, right?

What’s really interesting about Alabama is that until the Second World War, Alabama (like most Southern states) was stuck in poverty. However, after World War II, Alabama emerged from the bottom of the barrel to become an economic powerhouse in the region. This was done by transitioning from an agriculturally-based economy in favor of more diversified businesses, heavy in manufacturing, mining, education and technology. Today, Alabama is a leader in aerospace, education, healthcare, automobile manufacturing, steel, and textiles. This demand in industry is the perfect reason to look for auto transport to Alabama, especially if you’re moving there because of the boom in industry.

What’s also nice about Alabama is its climate. Described by its citizens as “beautiful,” it differs from most Southern states in the fact that the annual average temperature is roughly 64 degrees. However, temperatures tend to be a bit warmer in the southern part (due to the Gulf of Mexico) while in the northern section, where the Appalachian Mountains end, temperatures are a bit cooler. Alabama also has hot summers and mild winters, but there is a lot of rain, making it very humid in some parts of the state. But it’s still wonderful to live there, as any Alabamian will tell you, and auto transport there has never been better.

Another thing that might interest you, should you be thinking of auto transport to Alabama is its many, many thunderstorms. In fact, Alabama has more thunderstorms than every other state but Florida. The Gulf Coast, particularly around Mobile, gets 70 to 80 days per year of reported thunderstorms. These are accompanied often by lightning (obviously) and large hail, and in fact ranks seventh in the number of deaths by lightning strikes. Scary, huh? Tornadoes are also common, and actually shares the number of highest F5 tornadoes with Kansas. But don’t let this dampen your spirits about this great state; as you all know, lightning never strikes twice.

Another thing that’s really interesting, should you still be interested in auto transport to Alabama, is that Wetumpka is the site of Alabama’s greatest natural disaster. About 83 million years ago, a meteor crashed into the region and the hills of downtown Wetumpka are the remains of a five-mile wide meteor crater. Also, if it interests you at all, it’s believed that at the time of impact, a shallow sea of over 100 feet in depth resided in the impact crater, making it the best preserved marine impact crater in the world. Cool, huh?

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