Dallas, Texas is known for its, well, bigness, so to speak. Everything is bigger in Texas, as we all know, which is why so many people probably live there. And if you’re looking for auto shipping to Dallas, here are some interesting things you might want to know before heading down there.

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Dallas actually makes up one-fifth of a large urban center known as the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and almost 25% of all Texans live in this area. It has a humid subtropical climate, which means that lots of warm, dry winds flow through Dallas/Fort Worth. Strong cold fronts from the north cause nightly lows to drop lower than 10 degrees and snow is seen only 3 days out of the year (on average). Warm and humid air can override the cold, dry air, leading to freezing rain which can lead to major disruptions in a city so used to the sun.

Spring and autumn are chock full of nice weather and are usually the best time to go visit. In the spring, you can see the beautiful wildflowers that bloom and are planted along the highways that run all through Texas. However, the weather in the spring can be quite severe and can change in a matter minutes. But barring storms, spring is generally nice and fun.

Watch out for tornadoes, though, as they are probably the biggest threat to the city. While it’s not technically part of Tornado alley, it does lie on the border and is often considered the southern border of the volatile alley. In the spring, cold fronts move down from Canada and collide with the warm air from the Gulf, which creates severe thunder storms and possible tornadoes when they collide. But, despite all this, Dallas’ skyline contains several different buildings that tower over 700 feet tall and the city itself is considered to be the fifteenth tallest city on Earth. Bigger is better, as the saying goes. Another reason auto shipping to Dallas is a great idea (hint, hint).

Dallas is generally seen as a conservative city, with a cultural emphasis on Protestantism as well as its close historical and cultural ties with both the American West as well as the South. Also, Texas (and Dallas in particular) is known for its ties to the oil and agricultural industries, often producing wealth oil barrens and entrepreneurs that help to bolster the already-strong economy. Just one more reason to find auto shipping services to Dallas.

But, on the downside, we are obligated to inform you that Dallas has been repeatedly ranked number one in overall crime for several years, and was ranked as the most dangerous city out of the top ten largest cities in the United States.

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