When starting the process of relocating your vehicle, there are many different specialized options to choose from. For example, if your vehicle is a classic, or antique, it would be in your car\’s best interest to use enclosed transportation, which protects it from the elements. Most auto transport customers are looking to ship a standard vehicle or an SUV, but if you need auto shipping for something special, such as a motorcycle or a bulldozer, chances are that your auto shipping company is going to require a special auto shipping truck to move it. All of the variations of vehicles that need shipping in the United States every day can be accounted for by auto shipping companies, and this article will briefly go over them.

The most common auto shipping carrier is an open ten-car carrier. These auto transport carriers are the ones that pop into people\’s heads when they think of auto shipping. They\’re all over the roads and seen hauling new cars to dealerships. Using these types of auto shipping carriers are the most common method used to transport vehicles. They can haul any kind of coupe or sedan, as well as regular-sized SUV\’s and most non-lifted pickup trucks, with a maximum of 12 cars.

If you need auto shipping for a duly pickup truck or an incredibly large SUV, chances are that you will need a flat-bed auto shipping truck. These are auto transport carriers that specialize in larger vehicles – many auto shipping flat-bed trucks can fit two vehicles on their truck depending on their size, but sometimes, if you need auto transport for something like a giant bulldozer, it can take up both slots. Auto shipping for larger vehicles is much more expensive, as the auto shipping company you book with first has to find a carrier with a truck that is able to move it, and then also even make enough money to make transporting the vehicle worthwhile.

If you need auto shipping for something like a motorcycle, it won\’t be nearly as expensive, but won\’t be shipped on an open auto transport trailer. Motorcycles are too small and don\’t fit the molding of auto shipping trucks. Instead, most auto shipping companies that ship motorcycles will put them in a special auto shipping crate and ship it with other motorcycles on either a flat-bed auto shipping truck or in an enclosed auto shipping truck.

Auto shipping is also available for cars that just can\’t get damaged or dirty. For rare or expensive vehicles, it\’s best to go with an enclosed auto transport truck, as these will protect the vehicle from the elements and any road debris during the auto transport process. Enclosed auto shipping is more expensive than open auto shipping, but for something like a 1942 Ford Coupe that has been completely restored, enclosed auto shipping is worth it. The auto shipping company that you book your auto shipping with will let you know if enclosed auto shipping is worth it for your vehicle, and you can always request enclosed auto shipping regardless of what you are moving.